Mid-december, there is a noise while vibration motor running - bearing the cause and the processing method of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
1. Vibration motor change extremely rewind, improper slot coordination: to check the stator and rotor slot coordination; 2. Vibration motor rotor friction insulating paper or slot wedge: cut slot wedge insulation paper or maintenance; 3. Vibration motor bearing wear or malfunction, repair or replace new bearing; 4. Shaking loose motor stator and rotor core: check the vibration reason, back pressure core processing; 5. Vibration motor voltage is too high or three-phase voltage imbalance: measure voltage, and check the voltage too high or the cause of the imbalance; 6. Vibration motor stator winding wrong: check the wiring diagram, will end when heated to the correct connection connected ( Including banding, insulation and paint) ; 7. Breath uneven, vibration motor, rotor friction each other; 8. Vibrating motor rewind the number of turns per phase are not equal: wound again, the correct number of turns; 9. Bearing the lack of grease: cleaning bearing, add the appropriate grease, make it full of 1/2 ~ 1/3 of bearing housing net volume; 10. Vibration motor winding fault ( Such as short circuit) Will break area heated to the temperature of the insulation class is allowed, to soften paint and then break up, with the same specification filter operator safety operation procedures: vibrating screen points are divided into the following four: a vibration motor, before work should check the sieve filter of fasteners, fittings, vibration of the wheel and the tension spring ever loose and crack, such as the electric protection wire should be intact. Of powder dust removal device, ventilation after static inspection, and then to test run. Second, in the running, found sundry need to sieve out, must cut off the power supply, reoccupy clear tools. If the operator need to enter the internal tao sieve, must be men. Three ZG405 vibration motor, ventilation, dust removal device in powder, granule grading vibration and slag discharge process, must remain intact. If the leakage should be timely repair, shall not be run in spite of illness. Shale shaker points filter should prevent splash or run pulp slurry, influence the working environment, should be timely repair. A small amount of mud and powder leakage channels shall be removed at any time to work. Four, abide by the electric porcelain general safety operation procedures. After repair welding line will be broken part, good insulation, then through painting, drying process. Recently had a customer consultation about silo wall vibrator in the process of running exciting force is too large, sometimes even feel to bin ( Hopper) To shatter the what reason be? Below I give everybody under the analysis of common causes of vibration and the solution: 1, silo wall vibrators selection error, model is too big lead to exciting force is too large. Should adjust the Angle of eccentric block on both ends. 2, installation base, or a fixed instability. Should be reinstalled, fixed flat. 3, rotor imbalance ( Such as counterweight rotor screw off, make the eccentric block is not in the center of rotor shaft) 。 Balance should be corrected. 4, a shaft bending. Should replace the shaft, or car straight set ( Heat set) 。 Article 5, cage rotor guide fracture, break or wound rotor winding, when the load current when small oscillation. You should check repair. 6, stator winding with partial failure, a rotating magnetic field caused by unbalanced vibration, should check repair.
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