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Methods of disassembly of rolling bearings have? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-07
Rolling bearing removal methods are: knock, pull, push method, thermal method. , knock knock force general and the bearing inner ring, tapping force should not be added in rolling element bearings and keep on the shelf, this method is simple, but easy to damage the bearing, when bearing, at the end of the shaft, use less than the copper rod of bearing inside diameter or other soft metal materials resist shaft end, lower bearing block, hammer knock gently, can be removed. Application of this method should be paid attention to the position of the block placed to appropriate, focus should be correct. Second, pull out by special puller, disassembly, as long as the rotating handle, bearing will be slowly. Remove the bearing outer ring, pull two foot corners should open outward; Remove the bearing inner ring, with both feet should be inward, card on the bearing inner ring end face. Note: 1, should pull the hook hook bearing inner ring, and should not hook on the outer ring, so as to avoid excessive or damage to the bearing looseness; 2, when using the puller, to make the screw on the shaft center hole, not skewed. Also note retractor and bearing force, not to hook and bearing damage; 3, pay attention to prevent retractor slippage; 4, bending Angle is less than 90 ° with both feet. Three, push press thrust bearings, work stable and reliable, does not damage the machine and bearing. Mechanical or hydraulic press with manual push, press push. Note: press focus should be on the center of the shaft, shall not be partial pressure. Four, heat method is used to remove the interference fit of bearing. First will be heated to 100 ℃ or so oil in oil pot pouring in to dismantle the bearing, after waiting for bearing ring heat expansion, can be used to pull pull the bearing. Note: 1, first of all, the puller should be installed to dismantle the bearing, and exert a certain tension; 2, before heating, want to use asbestos rope wound or sheet iron shaft, to prevent the shaft is heated swell, otherwise it will be hard to remove, remove the bearing from bearing box shell hole, can only heat the bearing box shell hole, bearing cannot heat; 3, poured oil, to be poured oil can smoothly on bearing ring or on roller, and below the oil basin, collecting flow of hot oil, avoid wasting and burn. 4, the operator of asbestos gloves should be worn to prevent burns.
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