Make a needle roller bearing ring, rolling body and maintains a what kind of material do you want to choose

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
First to meet the basic structure of needle roller bearing, mainly including the ring, rolling body, cage and so on several parts, due to the force suffered by the effect of each part and its is different, so in the selection of materials to be particularly careful when, must satisfy the needle roller bearing performance requirements of each components. 1, the needle roller bearing ring and roll body when the needle roller bearing out of running condition, the ring and roll body side of repeated under high contact pressure, and the other side tumbling along with a sliding contact. From this perspective, the needle roller bearing ring and roll body requires good dimensional stability, fatigue strength, high hardness, good resistance to friction materials, usually produced by use of high carbon chromium bearing steel. At the same time, also need to according to different purposes, considering material in impact resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. If actual requirements need to be better resistance to impact, can choose nickel chrome steel, chrome molybdenum steel, chrome molybdenum steel, etc. As a bearing material, and through carbon quenching treatment, make steel from the surface to the appropriate depth has a hardening layer, thus to further improve its resistance to impact. Some needle roller bearing is also used when making the vacuum degassing treatment, the bearing of obviously improve the weakness of life, prolong the service life of the needle roller bearing. 2, needle roller bearing cage material for needle roller bearing cage with ring and the two sides of the roll body, or its one side sliding contact; And one side under tension and compression force. But when choosing materials have to combined with the actual use, if is make using of the stamping, choose low carbon steel as its material, and if it is sliced cage, brass, carbon steel, high strength and synthetic resin are good options.
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