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Mahle develop new bearing coating will help reduce emissions - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Mahle company recently developed by melamine cyanuric acid salt, polymer coating can improve the performance of the internal combustion engine bearing. Melamine cyanuric acid salt with multilayer structure, low friction coefficient, therefore has a unique lubrication performance. This allows the bearing to faster transition to hydrodynamic lubrication area. At the same time, the melamine cyanuric acid salt has high thermal stability, so it can in the case of insufficient lubrication ensure bearing stronger operation. This makes the bearing shell stuck, load limit increased by 20%. Due to the emission control measures ( Such as using the start-stop system and mixed or taxi operation) The engine in the process of using load increasing, and this new type of bearing can easily carry the high load. In the comprehensive test bench and engine test, the performance parameters of the improved significantly. Mahle engine product development systems and components, the head of the Andreas Pfeifer, says Dr 'new polymer coating is a good example, it can constantly optimize the internal combustion engine can help to reduce emissions. 'As part of its dual enterprise strategy, mahler constantly promote the optimization of the internal combustion engine, in the next few years, this is a hybrid in the aspect of environmental and economic feasibility of an important factor. Mahler, meanwhile, are racing to promote the development of electric vehicles, and is committed to make electric cars, price moderate, more suitable for daily use.
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