Koyo stainless steel bearing daily inspection maintenance methods - bearing maintenance knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Koyo bearing in use process because of itself quality and external conditions, the bearing capacity, rotational accuracy and wear-resisting performance will change. When stainless steel bearing performance index is lower than the use requirement and when not working, bearing fault even failure occurs, koyo bearings in the event of failure after accidents, machinery, equipment will halt, appear to wait for all sorts of anomalies, function loss causes were therefore need to find out in a short time, and take corresponding measures. That import bearing clearance, clearance to appropriate, if too much will lead to have impact, too small lubrication effect is not very ideal, serious can lead to burning. So the gap clearance must be appropriate. Second, imported bearings of journal quality and stainless steel bearing on geometry must be guaranteed, absolutely can't shoddy this relates to whether the machine can operate properly. Third, choose high quality lubricating oil, strictly control the oil flow pressure, temperature, and strengthen the oil filtration machine, timing test case. Four, good monitoring diesel engine temperature, high temperature or low temperature environment will not work properly. When the day is cold, should be preheated before use diesel engine, with the hand cranking make the oil into the friction surface. Five, in strict accordance with the machine, stainless steel bearing model specification requirements to select the fuel oil and lubricating oil.
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