Knowledge of self lubricating bearing installation environment analysis - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Oilless bearing installation should be carried out in a dry, clean environment conditions. Before installation should carefully check the shaft and the shell surface, convex shoulder of end face and groove and the connection surface machining quality. All matching connection surface must be carefully cleaned and remove burrs, rough surface must remove all sand castings.     Oil-free bearings should be taken before installation with petrol or kerosene wash clean, dry after use, and to ensure good lubrication, grease lubrication oil-free bearings commonly used, also can be used lubricating oil. Using grease lubrication, should choose without impurities, antioxidant, antirust, superior performance, such as extreme pressure grease. Grease filling quantity of no oil bearing and oil bearing box - 30% of the volume 60%, unfavorable and overmuch. With sealing structure of double row tapered roller bearing no oil and even without oil pump shaft bearing has good filling grease, users can directly use, shall not be clean.
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