Knowledge of manufacturing process important link - bearing bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Bearing the use of bearing manufacturing production process, quality, performance and service life have close relations, if there are any accident bearings in the manufacturing process, finally make good bearing cannot be used normally, the latter was eliminated directly, so we have to bearing production process must be seriously rise, it is important that, China bearing network based on experience tell you about bearing an important link in the whole process of production process. Bearing production process important link is important to note that in order to avoid bearing unnecessary damage: 1, forging part forging links is an important part of the guaranteed bearing using reliability and life, raw material after forging forming bearing ring blank. At the same time, the organizational structure of raw materials is becoming more dense, good flow linear change, in order to improve reliability and service life of the bearings. In addition, the forging process of good or bad will directly affect the utilization rate of raw materials, thus to influence the cost of production. 2 is after forging, heat treatment, heat treatment link link machined bearing ring after high temperature treatment, it directly affects the uniformity of carburizing in the bearing ring, can improve the wear resistance and hardness of bearing, also affect the reliability of the bearing use and an important part of the life. 3 after heat treatment, grinding and machining of bearing ring also need to implement grinding, it is an important part of the bearing accuracy. After grinding the bearing ring production process completed. Bearing inner and outer circle process: bar - — Forging - — Car processing - — Heat treatment - — Grinding - — Superfinishing - — Final inspection parts - — Rust put in storage. Warm prompt: the main production equipment include: cold rolling machine, automatic line ball bearing internal grinder, quenching, annealing furnace, press, CNC lathe, bearing grinding machine, inside outside groove groove grinding machine, grinding machine, high precision horizontal spindle frustum of a cone surface grinding machine, CNC milling machine, centerless grinder, high-precision through feed centerless grinding machine, precise channel ultra lapping machine, the inner surface nc grinding machine, nc reciprocating double end face grinding machine, high temperature and high speed bearing testing machine, heat treatment production line and quality testing equipment.
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