Knowledge - bearing grease dedicated terminology

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Age hardening: the consistency of the grease increases with storage time. Appearance: visual inspection method only can see grease features, usually include overall appearance, texture, color and luster, etc. The overall appearance: smooth, rough, grain, oil, etc. Texture: creamy, elastic, wire drawing. Colors: red, blue, yellow, white, etc. , can also add restrictions adjective 'light', 'medium' 'deep', etc. Sheen: shiny, matte, etc. Consistency: consistency refers to the plastic material under the action of external force the degree of resistance to deformation. Cone into the degrees: cone into the degree is a measure of the grease consistency. , the greater the cone into the fat, the more soft. The level of consistency: NLGI ( The American association of grease) Divided into nine grades, from 000 to 6, a total of nine. Mechanical stability: a change in resistance consistency grease by mechanical shear capacity, consistency change value is smaller, the better mechanical stability thixotropy: grease under shear, smaller consistency, and stop when the shear, the nature of the consistency and increase. Rinse water resistance: resistance from bearing grease in the ability of resistance because of ability to absorb the moisture and the structure of the fat damage, when water is to prevent the metal surface corrosion. Colloid stability: oil grease resistance points. Similar viscosity: usually the smaller along with the increase of shear rate and viscosity of the grease, so fat called viscosity similar viscosity or apparent viscosity.
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