Keep bearing cleaning maintenance requirements - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Due to the relative motion of the rolling element and raceway of dust and pollutants into, make the rolling element and raceway surface wear. Wear quantity is large, it is bearing, noise, vibration, reduce the operating precision of the bearing, thus directly affects the accuracy of some hosts. So for some silent mechanical bearings, daily maintenance is mainly to prevent pollutants dust intrusion. 1, the influence on bearing life bearing the cleanliness of the needle roller bearing life is quite large, the influence of bearing was made specifically for this test, the result is the difference for several times or even dozens of times. The higher the purity of the bearing, the longer the life and others test showed that different cleanliness of lubricating oil had a great influence on the ball bearing life. So, to improve the purity of the lubricating oil can prolong bearing's life, in addition, if the lubricating oil containing dirt particles control under 10 um, bearing life is growing into 7 times. 2, the impact on the vibration noise of bearing test center test results show that the cleanness of the serious influence bearing vibration level, especially the vibration of the high frequency band. High cleanliness of bearing vibration velocity value is low, especially in high frequency band, the needle roller bearing grease in the dust on the noise test, the influence of proof dust, the more the greater the noise. 3, affect the performance of lubrication bearing cleanliness, not only affect the formation of lubricating film, still can cause the deterioration of the grease and accelerate its ageing, thus affecting the grease lubrication performance degradation.
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