Invalid bearing lubrication four disadvantages - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Some bearing in use process not need lubrication for processing, this is called a bearing lubrication system, and there are a lot of bearing lubrication is required during use of maintenance, and the adequacy of lubrication is also very important, if you for bearing lubrication, but do not reach the designated position, is the so-called invalid lubrication, this will bring a lot of disadvantages to bearing.     China bearing network on four disadvantages: invalid bearing lubrication & emsp;   The first: color & emsp;   Metal to metal contact can make the bearing temperature is too high, resulting in raceway and roller discoloration. In mild cases, this kind of color is due to the bearing surface lubricant pollution, and in severe cases, the metal discoloration due to high temperature. In all cases, early detection can avoid costly repairs.     For lubricant pollution bearing surface discoloration & emsp;   The second: scratches and flake & emsp;   To check whether there is cut into the bearing traces of metal or metal flake - — The situation calls for immediate attention. In high load and low speed applications or continued under the condition of high temperature prone to scratches and spalling, and thin lubricant film or insufficient will accelerate the happening of the problem. Insufficient lubrication, choose the wrong grease or a sudden change in the working conditions can lead to bearing material peeling or bearing guard scratches.     Third: roller overheating & emsp;   Lubricating film rupture can lead to direct contact between parts making local scratches. In tapered roller bearing, which could show the scratches on roller large end and lead guard. Metal to metal contact thermal damage of tapered roller & emsp;   Fourth: bearing totally locked & emsp;   Extreme local fever can produce metal flow in the bearing, change the raw material and geometric structure bearing. This can lead to excessive roller tilt, cage damage and bearing lock completely. If that is the catastrophic damage, it is recommended that the consulting bearing experts to determine the root cause of the problem, because may be outside lubrication factor.     Warm prompt: invalid bearing lubrication damage on the appearance and effect the performance of the bearing have very big difference. In all cases, must be designed for bearing system correct grease quantity, type, grade, viscosity, additives and supply system. According to historical experience, load, speed, sealing system, choice of conditions of use and life expectancy of grease. If not appropriate to consider these factors, the bearing performance and application effect may be lower than expected.
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