Introduce the basic concept of imported SKF bearing clearance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
SKF imported bearing clearance is applied especially to SKF bearing inner for bearing body along the radial or axial movement along the maximum possible distance, its criteria are defined as follows: radial clearance of preloaded state, imported SKF bearing can bear radial load, its radial internal clearance G: Angle in different direction, there is no external load one ring relative to the other ring from a radial eccentric limit position, move to the opposite extreme position of the arithmetic mean of the radial distance. Axial clearance a preloaded state, can carry axial load in both directions of imported SKF bearing, its axial internal clearance G is: there is no external load, a relative another ring, ring from an axial limit position to move to the opposite extreme position of the axial distance of the average. Imported SKF bearing clearance import SKF bearing under different states in different conditions the clearance will have corresponding change, in particular, can be divided into: 1) Original import clearance SKF bearing clearance refers to the original imported SKF bearing before installed on the machine, after complete the clearance is under a state of freedom. So the original clearance inspection clearance is often used as a substitute. Inspection clearance is in the state, under the condition of applying load measurement, instrument detection and clearance data, yan said on the imported SKF bearing the original clearance is not the same, but in general the two on the readings were similar, and thus can be replaced each other without much error. 2) Effective clearance effective clearance or work clearance refers to the imported SKF bearing, after installed on the host under certain load, reaches a certain temperature stable operation condition, existing in the actual imported SKF bearing clearance. Obviously, the effective clearance is smaller than work clearance. Imported SKF bearing clearance requirement and function of existing in the imported SKF bearing clearance is flexible in order to guarantee the bearing without some blocks, but also to ensure the bearing stable running, the axis of the imported SKF bearing no significant settlement, and bear the load of the number of SKF imported body as much as possible. Therefore, SKF bearing import clearance to the bearing dynamic performance ( Noise, vibration and friction) And rotation accuracy, service life, Wear and fatigue) The carrying capacity has very big effect.
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