Inspection INA set-contained dosage of spherical ball bearing grease - bearing knowledge whether reasonable standards

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Use within the INA bearing grease must have antirust effect, rust inhibitor is best can not dissolve in water. Grease shall have good adhesion, and can form a layer of oil film on the surface of steel, oil in machining will become soft, cause leakage. During normal operation, oil will by bearing to insert ball bearings. If the mechanical stability of the oil is insufficient, operation process, the structure of the soap grease causes mechanical disruption of oil was damage, and thus lose lubrication, if the wrong choice grease all preventive measures of INA bearings is useless, choose a grease, its oil viscosity in working temperature is it is important to be able to provide adequate lubrication effect, viscosity is mainly affected by temperature, it with the temperature rising and falling, is that it increased when the temperature decreases. Therefore, you must know when working temperature of the oil viscosity. Machinery manufacturers are usually specified use some grease, however most of the standard grease applicable range is very wide. In the process of using insert ball bearing, the grease is critical. If bad grease, used, don't effect not only, also can damage INA bearings. Grease is used for lubrication bearing, is the more the better, of course, it's not. Add too much grease in the bearing is unnecessary, it will increase the friction, temperature rise. Too little and fatliquoring, repair the oil film of grease is not strong, can make the bearing lubrication condition worse. Therefore, determination of INA bearings grease suitable loading quantity is very important. Insert ball bearing unit in general grease filling quantity refer to the following principles: ( 1) The viscosity of the lubricating oil is the basic factor of forming oil film. In the speed, load and temperature is not high, under the conditions of use of viscosity lubricating oil. In heavy load, low speed and higher temperature conditions, selection of high viscosity lubricating oil or add lubricating oil extreme pressure antiwear agent. At low load, high speed and low temperature conditions, choose low viscosity lubricating oil. ( 2) In the use of wide range of temperature and light load and high speed, and there are other special requirements, under the condition of choosing synthetic lubricants. ( 3) In internal combustion engine oil, for example, choose suitable viscosity and high viscosity index, make the product not only has enough high temperature viscosity to ensure lubrication and seal in the operation of the engine, but also at low temperature are small enough to ensure that the low temperature viscosity startup performance. Viscosity of choice is usually according to the temperature conditions, should also consider the load level, degree of speed size or engine wear and other factors.
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