Industry selected online repair cement rotary kiln supporting wheel bearings wearing problem - bearing of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
A, 1, rotary kiln, rotary kiln, the cement kiln in cement process function mainly is to calcine cement clinker, also used to calcine clay, limestone and the slag drying, etc; Rotary kiln is referring to the rotary kiln, because of its work status is rotating, commonly known as for rotary kiln, is the new dry process cement production, refers to adopt new technology of kiln outside the decomposition of cement production. Its production by suspension preheater and kiln outside the decomposition technology as the core, adopting new materials, fuel, homogenization and energy-saving grinding technology and equipment, all using computer collecting and distributing control, realize the cement production process automation and high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, environmental protection. Rotary kiln structure diagram 2, tug support roller supporting device is an important part of the rotary kiln, he in the process of its work under the total weight of the whole kiln cylinder it emits radiation, and the rotary kiln and the kiln integral role positioning, can make the safe and stable operation, so the wheel mechanism in matching accuracy with the kiln body and its precision is very high to install. Wheel spindle generally cooperate with semicircle bearing torque, but few have bearing fit ( This article analysis) with bearing , so the external environment temperature is higher, so for the roller rotation device requiring lubrication and cooling. The normal operation of wheel mechanism is one of the important factors to ensure the normal operation of rotary kiln, once the roller system problems can't run, the entire system of rotary kiln has to stop operation, to avoid major safety accidents. In the installation of the roller must ensure that the two requirements; One is to ensure that installation after the center line of the roller body as a straight line; The second is to ensure that the same two roller by the force of the same size, uniform both wheel wear. Second, the rotary kiln shaft problems ( Bearing wear) Bearing wear, bearing inner ring fracture 1) Equipment parameters of the rotary kiln size models: Φ 4. 0 * 50 m speed: 25 RPM material: carbon steel bearing a size: 460 * 250 wear: at about 3 mm, bearing a unilateral wear bearing inner ring fracture, equipment was forced to stop. Problem analysis: belting leather cement rotary kiln and roller material thermal resistance is poorer, long-term under high temperature, heavy load operation at the same time, combined with the working environment is relatively poor, the general point corrosion occurred spalling corrosion fatigue or more serious damage, roller surface once appear pits, stress will lose balance between surface and surface; Will bring the external force to the bearing seat, the temperature is higher, after a long time can cause bearing wear. Contact roller and belting leather to produce very big Hertz stress, the stress is local high stress; Most of metal material production equipment parts, due to its high strength, high hardness, in part by shock and vibration during the operation of other complex force often cause the metal parts produce 'hard to hard' relationship, with longer time, some of the impact deformation become permanent deformation, stress drop, restore leads to relatively low hardness part wear, metal material concession sex differences, however, if not found in time and adopt measures to increasing can cause wear and tear. 2) Traditional method to weld machining, this kind of method is the most common type of traditional methods, the characteristics of the repair process is high, its disadvantage is that the engineering of repairing for such easy to cause stress concentration or lead to the emergence of crack, and the processing difficulty is big, cost is higher, comprehensive price is lower; Replacement of new parts, but the cycle is long, will affect the normal production of the enterprise. Introduction (3, polymer materials to repair The corresponding relation of parts to repair) 1, carefully measured bearing wear, combined with the drawing check the front axle shoulder size carefully, according to the actual wear situation using the front axle shoulder design repair scale; 2, determine the positioning, positioning height determine and use the repair scale; 3, air bearing, vertical and concentricity measurement; 4, surface treatment, ensure the repair surface to clean, dry, solid requirements; 6, daub after repair materials directly assembled bearing ( Bearing inner ring with 803 release agent) ; 7, fast to install interval of, thrust bearing and clamp, restorative materials can be used after curing. Four, five, the conclusion through the application of picture information of cooperation with enterprise not only make the enterprise cost, save labor, increase the service life of the equipment, make the enterprise capital are difficult to measure savings! And the enterprise to achieve mutual trust and win-win relationship with my company, fully embodies the blessing the blue company in this field and the advantages of professional! Company for many years to help enterprises to establish an advanced maintenance team, improve the level of enterprise equipment management as its own duty; Through constant integration of the world's leading equipment maintenance maintenance technology, service for the enterprise.
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