INA whole eccentric turning arm bearing maintenance carefully check method, the bearing performance of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
INA bearings if there is no wrong choice can be used correctly, the whole service life of the eccentric turning arm bearing before, can be used for a long time, on the other hand, there are unexpected early damage, and yield to the early damage of use, as the reasons of early damage, not enough to use the consideration on the lubrication and, in turn, and foreign invasion, the error of the bearing assembly and axis deflection of big, not enough research on shaft and bearing box and so on, so to speak, the overlap between these reasons more in the use of a variety of mechanical design life and various durable comparative study of the eccentric turning arm bearing limit, bearing has to be decided at the same time. In selecting the bearing, INA bearing often inclined to think that grease life in aging, the fatigue life of oil, abrasion resistance, low noise, also need to fully research. In addition, according to different purposes, it is a necessary choice for precision, clearance, and keep the frame structure, meet the requirements of the lubricating grease, special design of the bearing. However, choosing INA bearing no certain order, rules, priority should be given to the overall eccentric turning arm bearing the required conditions, performance, and related matters, especially the practical. As long as as much as possible in order to keep intact the original performance of the bearing. Bearing cleaning: remove the bearing repair, record the appearance of the bearing, for the first time confirmed the amount of residual lubricant, sampling inspection after the use of lubricants, cleaning bearing. As a cleaning agent, general use gasoline, kerosene. Remove the whole eccentric turning arm bearing cleaning, washing and fine washing thick, be placed in a container, metal openings at the first, don't make direct contact with the bearing of the dirt of the container. INA bearing maintenance and judgment: to determine whether remove bearing can be used to check the bearing after cleaning. Check the raceway, raceway, surface state, cage wear and bearing clearance and to increase the dimension precision, has not damage, abnormal. Non separation of small ball bearing, bearing inner ring, with one hand support level, rotate the outer ring to confirm smoothly. So, want to use machine to fully understand the bearing, using conditions, the eccentric turning arm bearing outer structure based on, if we can find out before and after the accident conditions, coupled with INA bearing damage and a variety of reasons, can prevent the similar accidents from happening again
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