INA the railway bearing fault maintenance improvement measures - bearing time knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Used to adjust the main factor is the installation, use and maintenance, maintenance, technical requirements. Install and use the factor, the first factor, INA bearing installed improperly tend to cause the change of stress state between the bearing parts packing, in the early operation and abnormal state bearing failure. Bearing structure design at the same time, has advanced, there will be a long railway bearing life. To be in the general bearing, heat treatment, cutting, grinding and assembly process multi-channel processing. The rationality of the processing technology, advanced nature, stability, also affect the bearing life. Including heat treatment and grinding process, affecting the quality of finished bearings are often linked to the failure of the bearing will have a more direct relationship. For bearing failure is the main task of the according to the large amount of background material, data and failure mode analysis, find out the bearing failure caused by targeted improvement measures, in order to extend the service time, in order to avoid premature failure of the bearing bearing the main factors of emergency. 1. Bearing burn burn INA bearing heat tint on the raceway, bearing. Burns is usually the cause of insufficient lubrication, lubricating oil quality does not conform to the requirements or metamorphism, and bearing assembly too tight. 2. Cage fracture, its reason is the insufficient lubrication bearing, seat skew, etc. 3. Plastic deformation of bearing raceway and roller contact surface appear uneven pits, bearing produce plastic deformation. The reason is that in large railway bearing under static load or shock loading, local stress exceeds the yield limit of material on the surface of the work, this kind of situation usually happened in the low-speed rotation of INA bearings. 4. Seat ring raceway serious wear and tear may be fall into the object in seat, lack of lubricating oil or lubricant brand is not appropriate. For bearing the large impact load of railway, railway bearing, etc. , after M quenching the main failure form is: when using inner sleeve cracking when assembling, use in the process of impact outer ring, inner ring fracture, falling guard and isothermal quenching bearing with good impact toughness, surface compressive stress, whatever the assembly inner sleeve craze, or using Chinese and foreign set of guard metal shed and inner sleeve fracture tendency is greatly reduced, and can reduce the edge stress concentration of roller. Therefore, after isothermal quenching than M after quenching bearing life expectancy and improve reliability. 5. Metal flake bearing raceway surface and inner and outer ring raceway surface under the role of the periodic pulse load, resulting in a periodic change of the contact stress. When the stress cycles after reaching a certain value, the bearing on the working plane or inner and outer ring raceway fatigue spalling. If the bearing load is too big, can make the fatigue. In addition, INA bearing installation is not straight, shaft bending, also can produce roll flaking off. Railway bearing raceway fatigue spalling can reduce the running accuracy of shaft vibration and noise in the organization. 6. Bearing race crack cause crack of the bearing race may be bearing fit tight, loose foreign or bearing inner ring, bearing deformation, inclusive of installation of bearing surface processing etc. INA bearing fault are many, all the factors of design and manufacturing process is related to railway bearing failure analysis is difficult to determine. Under normal circumstances, in general, you can use factor, no matter from internal factors to consider and analysis.
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