INA motorized spindle bearing vibration in running routine inspection method, the bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
INA bearing is whether can can continue to use according to various needs to consider the extent of the damage, and in this respect main consideration is the effect of damage, the mechanical performance, with the importance of the conditions of the installation is need to consider, to the next overhaul period and the effect of the decision, but in the case of defects is not in use, must be replaced a new electric spindle bearings, the inner ring and outer ring, rolling element and cage has a crack on any gap is to note that this is keep a effect in this respect. INA, axial load in the rolling element and raceway contact produce plastic deformation. When the load is overweight, can in the pits of raceway surface plastic deformation, and make the motorized spindle bearing summer fierce vibration and noise in operation. Due to the relative motion of the rolling element and raceway and the invasion of the dirt, dust, the rolling element and raceway surface wear. Wear is larger, the bearing clearance increases, noise, vibration, reduce the operating precision of the bearing, thus directly affects the accuracy of some hosts. So for some precision machinery bearings, wear is available to define the service life of bearing. 1, the provisions of the measurement area: the INA bearing inner diameter or outer diameter measurement, domestic regulations leave the ring on the southern side of one of the biggest chamfering coordinates within the area of measurement, and foreign many regulations to leave the ring twice in two end chamfering coordinates within the area of measurement. 2, the provisions of the benchmark: the comparative measurement method for measuring size tolerance for motorized spindle bearing, dosage of rules or standard for comparison measuring the size of the benchmark, the gauge block must conform to the standard JB/T1078 'gage block' regulation, standard parts must comply with the provisions of the competent department of factory. 3, the temperature at which the measurement conditions: when measuring the environment temperature is 20 ℃, the INA bearing, gauge block, standard parts and the temperature of the measuring instrument must be the same, the above them on the same piece of metal plate method can fast achieve the necessary temperature balance, or take a few hours or even days to reach the balance. 4, allowable error of measurement: in principle, can allow measurement error below 10% of the tolerance. 5, the measuring head radius and pressure gauge: in order to reduce the measurement error, must be within the scope of the possible, makes every effort to reduce inventory pressure Force is measured and the increase of gauge head radius of curvature. In measuring the inner and outer diameter of the motorized spindle bearing, the radius of curvature can be used for measuring force and probe selection reference.
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