INA deep groove ball bearing limit speed of the step - bearing knowledge maintenance

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
When INA bearings at 0. 1 c load conditions during operation, because the rolling element and raceway contact surface between the contact stress increases, the bearing temperature rise, the performance of the lubricant is relatively worse, therefore, the deep groove ball bearing limit speed will be reduced accordingly. For C / = 10, due to the lower limit speed is very small, so it can not be considered, namely the f1 = 1. Centripetal bearings for joint under load, because of its number increasing, the load of rolling body friction resistance increases, higher calorific value, lubrication and cooling conditions, but also increase the force applied to keep the rack, therefore, must according to the size of the bearing type and load Angle, the deep groove ball bearing limit speed multiplied by a lower coefficient of f2. If the selection of INA bearings speed limit speed cannot satisfy the use requirement, can use some improved technology measures to improve, to achieve a satisfactory requirements. Such as increasing bearing tolerance level; Appropriate increase of clearance. Use special materials and the structure of the improved cage; Change the lubrication method, such as lubrication oil and gas, oil mist and spray; Improve the cooling condition, etc. First, the detection method of bearing lubrication maintenance should be kept in the operation of the lubricating oil road unobstructed, regularly check the sealing condition of seal to replace the damaged seal in time. Even can be to monitor the running status from noise. Lubricant, three aspects, such as temperature monitoring. Because during normal operation should be a steady hum, abnormal timely treatment, when normal lubricant is clear and clean, if the lubricant has become dirty, there will be wear particles or pollutants, at higher temperatures, the operation will be abnormal. , bearing lubrication maintenance steps 1 and 2 of the importance of lubrication attaches great importance to the INA bearing lubrication technology. Lubrication can make use of the rolling surface of relative movement between oil film will be separated from each other, and not as rough point contact lead to excessive wear and failure, also can guarantee the designated remained stable during the working life of the performance and rotation accuracy. 2, the classification of the lubrication grease lubrication and oil lubrication, grease lubrication facilities of the method is simple, the grease is not easy to leak, have certain waterproof, gas and other impurities into the ability, so generally used grease lubrication. Such as overloading, high speed, high temperature working condition of oil lubrication. 3, the usage of the grease filling quantity in moderation. Best to fill space bearing and deep groove ball bearing shell of 1/3 and 1/2 shall prevail, if add too much fat, due to the heat, stir makes fat deteriorate or chin. High speed should be padding to only one-third or less. When the speed is very low, in order to prevent external foreign body of science into the INA bearings can be full housing space. 4, bearing safekeeping is strict with its storage and preservation of the environment, such as temperature, humidity, etc. To do before delivery are coated with anti-rust oil, room temperature should be controlled in 0 25 ℃, relative humidity should be kept at 45% 60%.
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