INA clutch bearing maintenance work note summary - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Use dry cloth after cleaning the imported bearing wiped dry, add the anti-rust oil soaked. In the process, will fully contact with the anti-rust oil clutch bearing, don't stop rotating INA bearing, so that the rust-proof oil forming oil film covering on the surface of bearing, achieve the goal of rust. First turn on the bearing in gasoline cleaning, wipe residues of sludge and dust on the imported bearing, all rusty INA bearings wipe gently with the metallographic sandpaper polished, until no fingered rough feel. Then use lithium base grease, butter, need to evenly coated on the surface of the clutch bearing, including inside and outside the circle, the wheel, cage. And wipe while rotating bearing, makes the butter into the real import bearings, sufficient lubrication effect. 1. Measurement of imported bearings before, it is necessary to clean work surface and level surface to be tested, in case of incorrect or scratch work measurement of bearing surface. 2. When using level for imported bearing measurement control, instruments necessary hand shake hands, do not use hand touch bubble glass tube and the way of breathing, in case the influence level of accuracy of reading. The level, the line of sight to the vertical alignment bubble glass tube, or reading. 3. In the measurement of the clutch bearing, level should take put down gently, put is put, not on the surface measurement equipment will drag about level of the surface of the work. At the pad iron, necessary to level picked up. Check equipment facade on the vertical applied force average land abuts on the equipment facade. 4. In the measurement of INA bearings, level from low to high temperature, shall not be used immediately, and shall not be used under strong light or sunlight. After use, with fine white cloth rub-up, thin and coated with a layer of oil, put people dedicated box, safekeeping. Is a process with the final packaging. In order to save costs, we 'waste', scrapping of cement bags in the warehouse, the packing bag of cut into appropriate size, package, wrapped tight will import bearing, with the clutch bearing specifications after back on the store shelves.
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