INA car bearing dynamic load ability how to maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Bearing common installation tools have a hammer, tongbang, socket, special plate, screw the mosquito jig, press, etc. , measuring vernier caliper, micrometer, dial gauge, etc. , but according to the different auto bearing model to select different tools. After choose the right tools, can the INA bearing installed, when installation should pay attention to have no bruising, rust layer, abrasive dust, sand, dust and dirt, can cause installation difficulties, if any have to keep the surface of bearing assembly and cooperate with the surface of the parts are clean. The calculation method of INA bearings basic rated carrying applies when's commonly used hardened steel with high quality, made according to good processing method, and on the surface of the rolling contact form basically for the conventional design of rolling bearing. Beyond the prescribed scope, bearing load capacity will be affected. Material bearing steel because of different smelting method, the influence of the size of the inclusions in the material, promulgated and content is also different. Will this village qualitative differences of bearing capacity of a positive or negative impact. If using ordinary electric furnace bearing steel, bearing the load capacity of intersection with varying degrees of decline. Conversely, if use such as vacuum remelting, electroslag remelting method such as smelting bearing steel or other equivalent material of steel village, auto bearing load capacity will have varying degrees of increase. The influence of the temperature of the general bearing can withstand the working temperature can reach 120 ℃ ( Outer ring measuring temperature of 100 ℃) 。 For more than the limit temperature of the working conditions, should be used with a special heat treatment or bearing made of special materials. In addition to the INA bearing surface and cooperate with the assembly parts surface cleaning, also note that axis neck, the surface of the bearing shell hole, shoulder end face, and connecting parts such as bushings, washer, end cover rust layer of these places? If there is one can use smooth file away, fine emery cloth, install again. Rolling bearing is precision components, and its use should be measured accordingly. No matter how high performance bearing use, if use undeserved, will not get the desired performance. About auto bearing the use of the matters needing attention are as follows: 1, using the appropriate tools to avoid operation with existing tools to replace, must use the appropriate tools. 2, keep the bearing and its surrounding clean even the eyes can't see the little dust, will also bring bad influence to the bearings. So, keep the surrounding clean, dust from invading bearing. 3, carefully use in use to INA bearing strong impact, will produce scar and creasing, become the cause of the accident. Severe cases, can crack, fracture, so must pay attention to.
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