INA bearing failure analysis and maintenance should pay attention to matters - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Not all I bearing damage can be repaired, but for each damage of bearing before you consider to repair or replace new bearing, must be the reason and degree of damage assessment in order to avoid or reduce the damage once again. Bearing damage caused by many reasons, such as improper installation, filth from invading as well or water intrusion is a lot of bearing a common cause of early damage. INA bearings and the corresponding analysis of the causes of the common damage prevention measures can extend the life of INA bearings. Rust and corrosion: contact with water may cause corrosion damage of bearing elements and rust. Current: INA bearing rotates the electricity may result in a groove or notch. Eccentric, eccentric, tilt, or excessive load may result in geometrical stress concentration or surface spalling preventive measures: precision machining INA bearing seat, and shoulder the INA bearing equipment preventive maintenance, operation and peripheral parts was removed when changing suspension bearing checking, discriminant INA bearing parts demand, in turn, can use again and record the condition of using good from bad. Second checking INA bearing raceway surface of the rolling surface and on the surface of the joint venture and confrontation of the wear conditions of with and without damage and abnormalities in particular is to examine the raceway surface running track. Discriminant bearing can use again, to ponder on the level of the bearing damage, mechanical function, primacy, operation premise, such as checking cycle back again choice. Checking the effect, if discover INA bearing damage and abnormal condition, please find out notice according to the bearing damage phenomena, develop countermeasures. In addition, the checking result, there are some defects, if the bearing can't use, need to change new INA bearings.
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