INA basic knowledge - bearing roller bearing maintenance is the most crucial

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
When bearing damage may result in the desired device not stop. Even every hour outage, as INA bearings can also cause a huge damage in advance production losses, especially in capital intensive production. Why might damage the bearing roller bearing belongs to the precision parts, so when use requires a fairly cautious attitude, so is the use of the high performance bearing, if use undeserved, also cannot achieve the expected performance effect, and easy to make the INA bearing damage. So, the use of bearing should be paid attention to the following: 1. Contact fatigue failure of contact fatigue failure is one of the most common failure modes of all kinds of roller bearing, is contact stress of roller bearing surface by cycle repeatedly function failure. INA bearing parts surface contact fatigue spalling is a fatigue crack in the process of crack initiation and extension. Initial contact fatigue crack first from the maximum orthogonal shearing stress under contact surface, and then extended to form a hemp dot spalling or small exfoliate, the former is called pitting corrosion or pitting peeling; The latter is called the shallow flaking. Such as the initial crack on the border of hardening layer and the core area, caused the early spalling of hardening layer, it is called a hardening layer peeling off. 2. Adhesive and abrasive wear failure is one of the most common failure modes of all kinds of bearing surface. INA bearing parts between the relative sliding friction causes the surface of the metal loss known as sliding friction losses. Continue to wear will make the parts size and shape change, bearing fit clearance increases, working surface morphology becomes bad, thus loss of rotary precision roller bearing cannot work normally. Sliding wear forms can be divided into the abrasive wear, adhesive wear and corrosive wear and fretting wear, etc. , one of the most common for abrasive wear and adhesive wear. The life of rolling bearing with revolution ( Or in the hours of work under a certain speed) , definition: within the life of the bearing, should be in any of its INA bearing ring or rolling on initial fatigue damage ( Flake or defect) 。 Whatever the test in the laboratory or in actual use, can be clearly seen, under the same working conditions the appearance of the same roller bearing, real life was very different. In addition there are several different definitions of bearing 'life', one of which is known as the 'service life', it represents a certain bearing before damage to the actual life is by the wear and tear, damage usually is not caused by fatigue, but due to abrasion, corrosion, damage to the seal, and so on.
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