In the production of stainless steel bearing pickling treatment - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
After hot working such as malleable cast stainless steel bearing, the surface often has a layer of oxide skin, lubricants or oxide pollution, pollutants such as graphite, molybdenum disulfide and carbon dioxide. Once again, to the use of stainless steel bearing performance live through shot peening treatment, salt bath treatment and multichannel pickling process.     China bearing network is introduced in the production of stainless steel bearing mode of regarding the handling of pickling process: & emsp;   1. After machining of cleaning and pickling passivation & emsp;   After machining on the surface of the stainless steel bearing usually residues at the end of the iron, steel and cooling emulsion such as dirt, can cause a blotch with stainless steel bearing surface rust, so should be skimmed oil removal, reoccupy nitric acid cleaning, are removed at the end of the iron steel, and has carried on the passivation.     2. Before and after welding cleaning and pickling passivation & emsp;   Because oil is a source of hydrogen, in the absence of clear grease will form the air pressure in the weld, and the low melting point metal pollution, Such as zinc rich paint) After welding will cause cracking, so before the stainless steel welding wire in the groove and 20 mm on both sides of the surface is clean, oil available acetone is swabbed, paint rust should be removed with emery cloth or stainless steel wire brush, reoccupy acetone rub-up.     Stainless steel equipment manufacturing no matter adopt what kind of welding technology, welding after all to clean, all welding slag, spatter, stain and oxidation were put away, such as color removal methods including mechanical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Mechanical cleaning such as grinding, polishing and blasting shot peening, should avoid to use carbon steel brush, to prevent surface rust. To achieve the best corrosion resistance, it can be soaked in the mixed liquid of HNO3 and HF, or use pickling passivation paste. In fact often 4 californium 1 machinery cleaning and combined application of chemical cleaning.
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