Improve German INA bearing friction clearance increases knowledge - bearing lubrication methods

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
General work INA bearings adopt thin grease and oil mist lubrication, the lubrication method has the characteristics of each, but to meet the modern high speed and high load of work roll bearing work requirements, can be considered more appropriate lubricating oil steam. Lubrication and friction and wear of INA bearings fatigue life, have important influences, such as temperature, vibration, nine outstanding characteristics of the ceramic bearing no normal lubrication, bearing cannot work. Analyze the failure reasons of bearing show that about 40% of the bearing damage is related to bad lubrication. Therefore, INA bearing good lubrication is an effective measure to reduce the bearing friction and wear. Besides, bearing lubrication and cooling, antirust and seal, a number of roles, such as ease, lubrication oil in later, the service life of the actual work of work roll bearing has increased significantly, on the surface of the work roll wear and damage increased very I compared with grease lubrication. Bearing reach the 1/3 of its service life 1/4, must conduct a comprehensive cleaning, and measured INA bearing internal clearance, when the bearing internal clearance is more than twice the original clearance, should be adjusted, after cleaning and checking of bearing in the installation, should be replaced by the load area ( The outer ring rotate 90 degrees and then to suit the bearing) Under the condition of high speed, high temperature, INA bearing combination location and clearance adjustment scheme of grease lubrication has not timely lubrication can be used. Through the circulation of lubricating oil, can take away a lot of calories. Is an important characteristic of lubricating oil viscosity, viscosity directly affect the liquidity of lubricating oil and the size of the friction surface is formed between the oil film thickness, the bearing working temperature of lubricating oil viscosity is usually 12 - 15cst。 Speed the Gao Yingxuan lower viscosity, the more load weight should choose high viscosity. Commonly used lubricating oil has high-speed machine oil, machine oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, transformer oil, cylinder oil, etc. INA bearings in operation due to wear and make bearing internal clearance increases. Bearing clearance increases can cause internal load bearing area reducing, adverse factors such as running noise increases. Therefore, considering the bearing clearance of the reuse standard, shall, first of all, according to the working conditions of the host is allowed to use increased after the clearance of the bearing.
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