IKO thrust spherical roller bearing reliability - bearing the main points of the knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
Good keep frame structure under the premise of the choice, is to load the rolling element is more, and not on the ring with the ball go gap or use in the ring is too large deformation and rolling element bearings is preferred. In addition, the internal relative sliding bearing less than internal relative sliding bearing, its reliability is higher. To enhance the reliability of IKO bearing point is to improve the comprehensive correction coefficient values, life can be divided into the material, the structure of the lubrication and choose three aspects. ( 1) If grease lubrication can satisfy the requirement of lubrication, sealing grease lubrication is adopted is more reliable, of course, be careful to choose fat grades and strictly to ensure that each application link to meet the technical requirements. When using oil lubrication, under the premise of meeting the lubrication requirement, it is best to IKO thrust spherical roller bearing with special method of simple lubrication and oil source. ( 2) From the viewpoint of improving reliability of thrust self-aligning roller bearing more emphasis on the steel smelting method, according to the necessary choice of vacuum degassing, vacuum smelting steel and steel electroslag remelting steel and vacuum remelting steel such as many times as a bearing material. ( 3) On the choice of IKO bearing structure, as a result of punching cage is easy to rust, cross section change in easy appear stress concentration, its reliability is less than solid cage, and entities cage with rivet, its reliability and less than without rivet, the combined entity by two and a half body cage and less overall solid cage. All in all, try to reduce the lubrication failure link, when forced to resort to more complex lubricating system, will be strict with each link of the system reliability. Of course, but also strictly ensure lubricant and IKO the height of the thrust spherical roller bearing parts clean. Above is only a few key points to enhance the reliability of IKO bearings, but in addition to this, the measures should be taken to improve the life of rolling bearing, to improve the reliability of the bearing, all should also be taken into consideration.
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