IKO stainless steel bearing - bearing lubrication points in the process of knowledge operation

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
If two incompatible oil mixing, never mix incompatible grease. Usually consistency will soften, finally because the grease is easy to loss and damage, if you don't know you use that kind of grease, IKO bearing the original first like to clear out all the original oil, then add a grease lubrication. We use stainless steel in the process will often encounter this or that kind of situation, and how these cases are formed, how to solve when formed, each big enterprise is the most headache problem, the following points in the machinery is IKO bearing use overheating phenomenon causes and solutions for everyone when detailed introduce: grinding the instantaneous high temperature can make the surface of a certain depth ( 10 ~ 100海里) Be heated to a temperature higher than the workpiece temperature tempering heat. In the absence of austenitizing temperature reached, with the improvement of heated temperature, the surface will produce one by one and heating temperature corresponding to the organization transformation, or high temperature tempering tempering hardness. The higher the heating temperature and hardness of the decline is more severe. In the grinding, grinding wheel and workpiece contact zone, consume large amounts of energy, to produce a large number of grinding heat, local transient high temperature caused by grinding area. On the basis of the theory of linear motion heat source heat transfer formula derivation, calculation or by the method of infrared ray and measured experiment under the condition of instantaneous temperature thermocouple method, can be found in 0. 1 to 0. The grinding area within 001 ms instantaneous temperature up to 1000 ~ 1500 ℃. The instantaneous high temperature, which would have made certain depth on the surface of the work surface to produce high temperature oxidation, amorphous group, high temperature tempering, secondary hardening, and even burn cracking and other changes. Under the action of transient high temperature of the surface of the steel and the oxygen in the air, rises into extremely thin ( 20~30nm) The iron oxide thin layer. It is worth noting that the oxide layer thickness and surface grinding metamorphic layer is the total thickness test results in corresponding relation. This shows that the thickness of oxide layer, is directly related to the grinding process is an important symbol of grinding quality. Use within IKO bearing grease has rust protection. Antirust performance is mainly is to look at the fat soluble, grease by different viscosity and different materials, with different levels of capacity and antirust performance, generally speaking, poor consistency is big and fat soluble oil water proofing property is better, so that oil even in a stainless steel bearing cavity is filled with water, can also be in the steel surface to form a layer of oil film can resist. Bike because of the low speed, the choice of grease can use viscosity is relatively a little high, but the water proofing property is extremely strong, because the bike in washing the car, rainy days, cross-country, are often dealing with water, this makes the water proofing property is very important, even slightly sticky oil, also won't affect under low rotate smoothly, and once the surface formed oxidative damage, and that the whole stripping process and the ageing process will be quick.
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