IKO high temperature bearing do daily maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
High temperature bearing is an important walking part of car. High temperature bearing for the frictional resistance in the operation of lower chassis, keep the car moving. If there is something wrong with the high temperature bearing, may cause the phenomenon such as noise, IKO bearing heating, especially the front wheel is more apparent, can easily lead to dangerous phenomenon such as direction is out of control. Therefore, the high temperature bearing must be timely maintenance. 1. High temperature bearing inspection ( 1) Check IKO bearing tightness, the first to tested the car wheel hub end of axle set, car with a car seat, mask, wood and other gear up the car safely. ( 2) Turn the tested by hand wheels for ring, see if rotate smoothly, whether there are abnormal noise. If the rotation is not smooth and the friction sound, brake parts not normal; If there is no noise, the rotation is not smooth and yet too-loosely aligned, explain the bearing part is not normal. This abnormal phenomenon should overhaul when the wheel hub. For small car, check the high temperature bearing, with both hands holding the top and bottom side of the tire, hands back and forth flipping tires, repeat several times. If normal, should not loose kuang and block feeling; If you have any apparent swing kuang feeling, should be overhauling hub. ( 3) Check the brake. Usually when check the high temperature bearing, attached to check the wheel braking device, if there are oil stains tires inside, is likely to be caused by the brake wheel cylinder or brake oil pipeline leak, should be timely find out the reason, be ruled out. 2. High temperature maintenance before remove the wheel hub bearing, should be ready to wheel hub maintenance work, the car stopped and mounting axle, to ensure the safety of the maintenance work. ( 1) Remove the wheel shaft head of the decorative cover, dust cover; ( 2) Remove the tire nut and tires, be careful not to tire bolt thread bruised. If it is a disc brake, should remove the brake, then used for pliers remove the locking collar or lock pin. ( 3) Use special tools to remove the wheel; ( 4) Scrape off the bearing, shaft and hub cavity old grease, clean with cleaner high temperature bearing and shaft neck and dried with a cloth, finally cloth rub-up wheel hub inner cavity. ( 5) Check the high temperature bearing and the bearing race, found a crack, the phenomenon such as fatigue spalling and bearing roller loose, IKO bearings should be replaced. If found a pit on the bearing race, should also be replaced. ( 6) Check the bearing inside diameter and shaft neck to cooperate, fit clearance should not be greater than zero. 10 mm measuring axle neck, should be in vertical ground fluctuation two parts ( The place for the biggest wear parts) Measurement. If the use of fit clearance in excess of the prescribed limits, a bearing should be replaced, restore normal fit clearance. Don't allow on the shaft neck burr, pitting to narrow the gap. ( 7) After being all parts meet the requirements, will release after bearing daub grease inside hub. ( 8) The bearing inner cavity should be paid attention to when daub grease, grease should be packed into IKO bearing inner until from the other side of the bearing grease. Within the hub cavity and shaft epicranium apply a thin layer of grease, rust prevention effect. Note hub cavity don't apply too much grease, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation and brake. ( 9) Outside the hub and return to the journal bearing is installed, adjust the shaft head nut screw on with the hand, and then with the shaft head wrench torque tighten the adjusting nut according to the rules. After tighten nut, should turn right or left wheel hub, see bearing installation; On the other hand, by rotating bearing and the seat right to cooperate. IKO bearing appropriate tightness, felt by the free rotation of the wheels is not out of the axial clearance. ( 10) Finally installed in turn lock plate, a fixed nut, tire, dust cover and decorative cover, etc. ( 11) Adjust, after high temperature bearing a mileage traveled ( Around 10 km) Parking, check for dry to touch the temperature of the wheel hub, if fever, adjust the tight for IKO bearings, should be readjusted, appropriate release bearing tightness.
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