IKO full cylindrical roller bearing maintenance regularly check the main aspects - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
To examine the IKO bearing on a regular basis, to maintain full cylindrical roller bearing is in the best condition is very important work, also can found the problem. About bearing matters that should be paid attention in use and related knowledge. First of all, we have to stress is that it is important to keep the IKO bearing lubrication and clean. So when we inspect the full cylindrical roller bearing, should first clean the surface of bearing, and then remove the perimeter of the bearing parts. Everyone should pay attention to, oil seal is very fragile parts, so in check and need to be careful, when disassembling do not excessive force, so as not to cause damage to parts. And careful check of the bearing oil seal and its surrounding parts, if has presented the adverse symptoms, be sure to replace, and bad seal will cause the damage of the bearing, the bearing cloud caused by abnormal equipment downtime. Second, we will also examine IKO bearing lubricant. Lubrication is very important, not for full cylindrical roller bearing, also for all of the bearing. But please note that the bearing should not add too much grease. IKO bearings cleaning: common use gasoline, kerosene as ordinary cleaner. Remove the bearing under repair, the first record the appearance of the full cylindrical roller bearing, confirm the residual stock of lubricant, sampling check with lubricant then began to wash the bearing. Cleaning rough washing and fine washing, respectively in the container, first put on the metal mesh at the bottom of the bearing is not direct contact with dirt from the container. 1, coarse clean, use a brush to remove grease, adhesive, after clean, roughly into fine cleaning). If you make full with dirt rotating cylindrical roller bearing, can damage the bearing rolling surface, should be pay attention to. 2, fine fine cleaning, it is full of cylindrical roller bearing in the cleaning of oil side spin, side carefully cleaned. In addition, the clean oil is always kept clean. IKO bearing inspection and judgment: in order to judge whether the bearing of the removed can be used, to full cylindrical roller bearing in clean water after inspection.
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