IKO bearing rust of formal clearing process - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-30
Antirust materials quality directly affects the quality of the product processing, so when choosing antirust materials, first of all, according to the quality requirements for the physical and chemical performance testing, qualified pilot, once meet process requirements to use in bulk. Selected using the antirust auxiliary material, into the factory after strict tests according to the quality standard of different materials, qualified rear can issue used by the supply department. On a regular basis in the process of using the mixture solution of anticorrosion materials and chemical test, to ensure that the solution concentration and ratio of conform to the requirements of the process, to use performance. To establish a complete system of material acceptance and quality acceptance standard, to do a good job of the antirust management provides a reliable guarantee. Cooling water in main IKO bearing processing cooling, lubrication, cleaning, rust and other multiple functions, its correct use and maintenance directly affect the surface quality of machining parts, affect the service life of cutting tools. IKO bearings used in cooling water can be roughly divided into the soda water, emulsion and synthetic grinding fluid, three basic bath with over 50 tons of large cycle use, wash down at the end of the grinding wheel grinding products, at the end of the iron filings and pollution is easy to cause deterioration of cooling water, burns and corrosion caused by machining parts. Strengthen the scientific management of cooling water, can improve the performance of its use to ensure product quality, reduce the use of cooling water cost. Can seriously carried out in order to keep the antirust technology, technical service department to develop specific assessment rules according to process requirements, and to examine the conversion component values to factory. By the level of rust management personnel to process for discipline inspection of factory, every month to the management of the cooling water, anti-rust fluid, cleaning fluid, rust-proof oil and corrosion rate of finished product IKO bearing, cleanliness and oiled the packing, the rust part management level and monitoring project is a comprehensive inspection of detection of, grade assessment, and send to factory to the inspection results. From top to bottom to build a rust prevention management network, make the antirust work has a good management foundation. 1, need to wash a lot of IKO bearings, first with a temperature of 90 ~ 100 ℃ hot oil for oil seal for hot melt away, then use clean tool hollowed inside the old engine oil, and pour hot for a while then rinse with hot oil to go inside redundant oil, the final step in hot gas pour it again. 2, clean the surface of IKO bearings, should choose the clean gasoline, kerosene, what solution such as cleaning, confirmed after clean dry with a clean cloth and then in the coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, and then can be installed in accordance with the standard process. 3, check ready ready to open the IKO bearing encapsulation, should put bearing in clean liquids such as gasoline and gently turn the bearing by hand outside the complete set, but this to the roof of the surface of the clear and rolled the sundries in the tiny ball.
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