IKO bearing maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
To make IKO bearings and keep its long-term performance into full play, must earnestly to do regular maintenance ( Regular inspection) 。 Through proper regular inspection, make the early detection of fault, prevent accident arrangement to improve the productivity and cost savings have the very vital significance. ( 1) Cleaning remove IKO bearing repair, the first recorded appearance of bearing, confirm the bearing lubricant residual memory, after sampling inspection lubricants, cleaning IKO bearings, generally use kerosene or gasoline, sometimes can also be used according to need warm lye, etc. But no matter use which kinds of clear agent, want to often filter clean.  IKO bearing rough washing and fine washing, cleaning points respectively in the container, put a metal mesh bottom first, IKO bearings from direct contact with the stolen goods in the container.  Coarse, washing oil using a brush to remove grease or adhesive. If at this time in oil rotating IKO bearings, pay attention to due to foreign bodies such as damage IKO bearings rolling surface.  Fine washing, in the oil in the long turn IKO bearings, while rotating bearing, carefully clean.  After cleaning, immediately on IKO bearings coated rust-proof oil or antirust grease. ( 2) Checking and judging IKO bearings can be used to determine down, to inspect the dimension precision, rotating accuracy, internal clearance and mating surface, raceway surface, rolling surface, cage and seal rings etc. About the results of the inspection can be made of experienced master IKO bearing or those who are judging. Judgment standard according to the mechanical properties and important degree and inspection cycle. If you have the following injury, IKO bearings shall not be used again, must be replaced.  IKO bearing fracture and defect of the parts.  The raceway surface and rolling surface spalling.  Other such as sample was badly damaged when IKO bearing damage.
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