If take off the sound attenuation in the car's exhaust bearing, what situation? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Deadened the noise of exhaust pipe with the bearing? That should be a silencer. The effect of the exhaust muffler is to reduce the exhaust noise. Normal engine exhaust is a certain energy, general exhaust pressure in the 0. About 5 million mpa, the exhaust temperature of 700 degrees or so, and exhaust is a certain time interval, is intermittent, so the engine exhaust gas in the exhaust pipe with a certain amount of pressure fluctuations, pulse, if not treated with silencer, so the noise is huge! Pictured above is the exhaust muffler internal figure, can see the engine exhaust gas passes through the porous pipe ( Network management) By following the airflow direction change, exhaust pressure also decreases, volatility will also reduce, through porous pipe attenuation after its most energy is consumed, and atc road coated with sound-absorbing materials, eventually exhaust noise attenuation and sound-absorbing cotton absorption through multiple tube after reduced a lot. If remove the muffler internal of atc, exhaust energy without attenuation, sound-absorbing materials will not achieve very good effect, and direct exhaust almost, so the exhaust noise is huge! Can fry street!
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