Grease on the bearing wear measures - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Wear and tear, refers to the movement of vice when relative motion dual surface material on the surface of the work process of constant loss or residual deformation. Between the surface of the wear process is mainly due to the dual mechanical action, sometimes with chemistry. The mechanical action is usually refers to the effect of friction, and chemical action often refers to environmental medium and chemical erosion. Grease lubrication, grease film can reduce wear and prevent the corrosive substance on the surface of the dual access. Fracture is mechanical parts wear, aging and damage and failure of the three main reasons. Only at the beginning of the wear and tear occurred in terms of the phase or mild wear ( Running-in) Is likely to make a smooth surface. So, a lot of machinery, such as car have to get up to speed before put into normal operation. Generally said, after the parts wear, often causing mechanical precision loss and lower efficiency, so need to replace or repair, forcing lower mechanical productivity. In the mechanical work, every year the economic loss caused by wear and tear is astonishing. By one estimate, more than one-third of the world's energy is in the process of all kinds of mechanical energy in various forms of friction loss. Equipment damage due to loss, on the surface of the dual, need to replace the worn parts, so the spare parts and the amount of steel consumption in gross domestic product (GDP), often almost equal to the host for production. Use, including grease, lubricant, can greatly reduce the friction loss, reduce wear and prolong the service life of mechanical parts, which can save energy and reduce consumption of steel. When the bearing temperature, not only make the workpiece surface quality bad, and corrosion resistance of workpiece will decline. Serious overheating when rough grain, also can make the iron chain in steel weight increase at the same time, easy to cause the workpiece performance deterioration. Bearing overheating, there are the following measures: A, strictly control the stainless steel body, flange forging heating temperature and heating time of heat preservation, prevent work-piece overheating make coarse grains. If B, artifacts in forging production, forging ratio is small, the final forging temperature on the high side, also easy to appear coarse grain structure defects, should be forged parts than appropriate, sufficient, finish forging temperature is moderate. C, bearing the workpiece heat treatment solid solution treatment temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, heat preservation time shoulds not be too long, the heating temperature should be no higher than 1150 'C, holding time 1 - It is advisable to l5min/mm calculation. D, bulky artifacts, to prevent excessive tissue can be used to forge refine grain method to eliminate defects, to prevent the occurrence of orange peel during cold deformation of workpiece surface defects, improve the surface quality of workpiece.
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