Grease of INA thrust ball bearing noise solution - bearing knowledge in operation

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
INA bearing noise in operation, common have scars and dust noise, how to solve the thrust ball bearing in the operation of the noise? Mainly to find the cause of noise, then according to the different reasons to take different methods to reduce the bearing noise. The following bearing in operation and the reason of noise in the solution: ( 1) Scars of sound and its control method of rolling bearing rolling surface crack, indentation, or rust, if any, will occur like rivet rivet cyclical vibration and noise, most of the cycle may be fixed, the corresponding relationship between speed into certain scar on channel occurred in a row, scars on the ball, and the noise with the installation and lubrication condition and have certain changes. This kind of noise control methods are: installation not knock when the thrust ball bearing, bearing and shaft assembly after a load bearing seat when prevent bearing oblique; Inventory to prevent rusting INA bearings and transport to prevent impact vibration; Using high viscosity grease ( 2) Dust noise and its control method for rolling bearing with dust and other foreign bodies, the cyclical vibration will happen and the so-called dust, the size of its vibration and noise, and with or without. Dust acoustic control methods are: improve the INA bearings cleaning method, before the installation will be thrust ball bearings, shaft, hole and matching parts all clear Shen Jiejing strictly; Remove the foreign body in lubricant; To improve the bearing seal; Avoid the use of material is not pure plastic cage or foreign bodies are embedded. ( 3) Lubrication factors cause the noise and its countermeasures of lubricant selection error and lack of lubricant degradation and induration, can cause the thrust ball bearing vibration and noise, and the noise without certain regularity. In this case, only to choose suitable lubricant, adjust its lubrication dose, prolong the service life of lubricant and reasonable replacement cycle. Improper lubrication in the cause of premature bearing failure accounted for 36%. General grease can not meet the needs of various special INA bearing applications, only use one or all kinds of general application to satisfy all thrust ball bearing grease, problems will be caused by far outweighs the benefits of unified brand. Bearing application condition is varied, the correct lubrication is grease and bearing application conditions. Bearing grease is to guarantee the reliability of the bearing a smooth, easy operation and have the largest base, even under the most extreme working conditions. Can prevent pollutants enter the INA bearing grease, buffer impact load and corrosion resistance. In the actual application to choose the appropriate grease is a thrust ball bearing the basic conditions for maximum service life. Correct selection of lubricant standard includes the thrust ball bearing type and size, temperature, speed, load and the desired service life and supplemental lubrication cycle.
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