Grate cooler case show - bearing roller wear repair knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Grate cooler, the roller wear is a common equipment problems, the problems will directly affect the enterprise production and work, whether the scene quickly solve the problem is the enterprise equipment management should consider the important issues. For repair welding repair machining method of traditional process is easy to cause material damage, deformation or fracture cause parts, has great limitations; Brush plating and spraying to machining methods often need to outsourcing, not only repair cycle is long, the cost is high, and because of repair materials or metal materials, can not fundamentally solve the causes of the wear and tear, Metal impact resistant ability and poor rolled back) ; Many parts only to scrap replacement, greatly increased the cost of production and inventory of spare parts, make the enterprise resources was idle and waste. Sauvy repair process using sauvy carbon nano material has solved the traditional technology can't solve the problem. Sauvy repair technology advantages: 1. Can online repair; 2. Repair time is short; 4 - After 6 hours to repair; 3. Without thermal stress damage; 4. Repair cost is low; 5. High reliability. Sauvy industry's sauvy carbon nanomaterials technology comes from the United States, served in military and aerospace and other fields. After successful introduction is widely used for repair and maintenance of industrial equipment, advanced manufacturing and performance, etc. Carbon nanotubes polymer materials its advantages compared with the traditional polymer composites is mainly manifested on has higher comprehensive performance, including mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical corrosion resistance and ultraviolet resistance, etc. , in many industrial and mining complex, the equipment was badly damaged, repair of production has played a major role, but also help enterprises to greatly reduce the maintenance cost, improves the reliability of equipment maintenance. An enterprise grate cooler crusher downtime due to tight sleeve and the shaft wear and tear, due to the cooling shaft end for hollow shaft, combined with the wear amount is larger, take the repair welding thermal stress damage and impact. Specific as follows: grate cooler, crusher bearing wear, journal 1-200 - mm, wear depth 15 mm, wear width, 185 mm, tight fit working temperature is 80 - 100 ℃, rotational speed 400 r/min. According to the journal size and tolerance, the scene using sauvy 'tooling repair technology' to restore the best concentric, 3 hours to complete the repair.
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