Graphic, ball mill bearing wear what kind of good repair methods - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
A, enterprise equipment problems and analysis equipment parameters: the ball mill shaft diameter of 750 mm, bearing a width of 180 mm, bearing type 239/750 ca/W33, bearing an uneven wear quantity 1 mm; Equipment problem: long running process, due to the bearing life cycle is too long, the bearing itself appear wear away, clearance is too large, medium oil film lubrication process to ensure the bearing lubrication, at the same time, seal damage internal material dust into the bearing, bearing rolling friction increases, the normal operation of the serious influence bearing, lead to bearing operating temperature is too high, cause bearing, sintering, holding in death of the further result in bearing inner ring and relative rotation axis. Since the stiffness of the bearing steel is greater than the shaft itself material hardness, the wear of the shaft. Other equipment during operation for a long time, because of metal fatigue, plastic deformation in the shaft itself, shaft and bearing inner ring gap, leading to bearing inner ring and shaft relative rotation axis caused by wear and tear. The ball mill machine shaft uneven wear quantity up to 1 mm, already can't normal operation. Second, the traditional repair process and repair methods of traditional repair: repair welding machine or thermal spraying process thermal spraying process need to remove the whole device, need to invest a lot of manpower and resources. Thermal spraying technology need to be machined in the process of repair, due to large equipment, also to the requirement of lathe is very high. Thermal spray repair process repair precision is high, but for large equipment repair is difficult, and could not be repaired on site, lead to the repair period is longer, repair the high cost, companies often can't accept it. The traditional repair welding machine repair technology facing the same problem on site was unable to complete repair, repair cycle is long, the comprehensive cost is high, long downtime shutdown will cause huge economic losses to the enterprise. Whether thermal spraying or repair welding machining process, the repair process of thermal stress concentration problems, lead to shaft deformation or broken shaft of hidden dangers. Three, polymer composite repair materials technology repair method ( Is used in the 2211 f metal repair materials) F the blue 2211 f metal repair materials and technology can realize the scene to repair, don't need to make a lot of equipment disassembly, repair in the process of generating heat, will not affect the shaft itself. F the blue technology products unique bonding performance, pressure resistance and good 'concession', etc. , when to repair this problem reflects the characteristics of fast, convenient, durable, save a lot of precious time for the enterprise. F the blue reasonable application of technology, the enterprise modernization has important value in the production process, to help enterprises improve the equipment management at the same time, to ensure maximum production lines for downtime, production and the economic benefits of losses. - repair process simple operation, the surface treatment - - - - - - - - - - - - Adjust the matching accuracy - - - - - - - - - - - - - Polymer materials - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Bearing assembly, the general site within 24 hours to complete repair. Four, comprehensive benefit evaluation analysis can use f the blue polymer composite materials to repair good and reduce the loss of additional costs, and the repair time is short, low repair cost. On-site repair, process simple, need not spend a lot of manpower material resources, improve the maintenance efficiency, shorten downtime. Five, the application of case ( Using 2211 f metal repair materials on-site repair) Use f the blue, polymer composite materials to repair the blue technology products have unique bonding properties, pressure resistance and good 'concession', etc, in the repair of such problem reflects the characteristics of fast, convenient, durable, save a lot of precious time for the enterprise. F the blue reasonable application of technology, the enterprise modernization has significant value in the production process. At the same time of help enterprises to improve equipment management means, to ensure maximum economic benefits of production line for their downtime, production losses.
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