Good quality needle bearing about it

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Packaging is clear: in general, are factory brand has its own professional design external packaging design, and arrange production with the conditions of the factory production, so the packing is very clear, from the lines to the colors. ( Some imported brands of accessories and specifically to protect their intellectual property on the package's unique design, the content of this in the future will continue to detail) 。 Seal character is clear: on the bearing body printed with brand, label, etc. Font is very small, but is produced by the factory are mostly use seal technology, and before without overheating treatment of words, so the font although small, but deep concave, very clear. And counterfeit products font instead of fuzzy, because of printing technology coarse, font float to the surface, in some cases can be easily erased by hand. Whether there are miscellaneous ring: the bearing body with his left hand, right hand toggle coat to make it spin, listen to its hybrid ring. Due to the backward production conditions most of the counterfeit products, fully manual mill operation, in the process of production inevitably mixed into the sand kind of impurity, hidden in the bearing body, so makes a noise when rotating ring. This is and strict production standards, and use machine operation are factory is the biggest difference between brands. If there is a muddy surface oil stains: this should pay special attention to when to buy imported bearings. Due to the current domestic antirust technology is not particularly home, so the antirust processing was carried out on the bearing body and is easy to leave the thick oil stains, holding the thick thick, and imported from abroad can hardly see the trace of anti-rust oil bearing, is particularly careful expert said imported bearing smell a smell, must be under the anti-rust oil, just can't see. Chamfer whether uniform: so-called bearing chamfer, namely horizontal plane and vertical plane junction, counterfeit bearings because of the limitation of production technology in the area of the fringes is handled.
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