German continental EPB electric brake system with auto plane bearing applications - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
EPB electronic parking brake system with auto surface bearing application | kran mainland China OVO high-end bearing Germany group, typically commercial vehicles parking brake through the spring air chamber of the spring force, parking brake ( Hand valve) In implementing the brake when the compressed air chamber is released, the spring spring force at the edge of the wheel brake to implement the parking brake. EPB is conventional hand valve and relay valve and so on to the electronic control unit and electromagnetic valve, and combined with other systems and logic. In addition, the German continental EPB electronic parking system can also provide a low-speed traction control, stop the vehicle in side slope sliding. System signals can be connected to the remote sensor system, even in the very tight parking Spaces, and cars can dock safety parallel. EPB integration in anti-theft system, can achieve the most reliable digital chip anti-theft function. EPB - The epa English abbreviation EPB is Environmental Protection bureau abbreviations. Commonly used the epa referred to as 'are: 1. 环境保护署2。 环保局
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