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Extend the life of the forklift truck clutch release bearing method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-06
Internal-combustion forklift clutch release bearing work frequently, a larger proportion of the number of damaged in forklift truck fault, if the driver is operating properly, the maintenance in time, can make the bearings used about 3 months, but in the long also want to change new. If the driver to the low level of technology, driving the forklift truck almost every month release bearing damage, damage will also hurt other components, such as the separation of lever and the clutch plate and so on, which obviously improve the equipment maintenance cost of raw materials. The clutch release bearing easily where exactly are the cause of the damage? In practice, although has the strict asked the driver to the oil release bearing a little every day, this is not only tedious operation, and bearings are often damaged. Through the analysis, due to the high temperature of engine to release bearing, and bearing also produce high temperature, high speed rotation under the condition of the engine oil is difficult to remain within the bearing, bearing in the condition of high temperature continuous work, and lubrication conditions is bad, this is frequently the cause of the damage. According to the above problem, also tried to put bearing grease inside heating, to penetrate the bearing grease, so after processing, can full of bearing grease, but the structural failure after high temperature treatment of grease, performance is greatly reduced, using this method the effect is not ideal, extend the service life of bearing no. We have used to release bearing grease gun pointed muzzle direct injection of butter. Installed on again, after observation detection, bearing the greatly prolong the service life. The oil injection method received satisfactory results, but the operation is complicated. Then explore under the condition of the engine without disassembly, loaded with butter, first in 475 c type engine on trial is a success, and then in 475 c and 480, 492 engines on trial, received the good effect. After repeated practice, improve, sum up experience, and eventually formed a set of simple filling operation method, the specific process is as follows: ( l) Engine without disassembly of the clutch cover filling method, observe the release bearing wear, if confirm there is no damage or wear not overrun, bearing, remove the clutch pedal, adjust the connecting rod shaft pin, make the release bearing and its return to the last position, with a pointed mouth to the hole of the bearing grease gun loaded with butter, until the bearing oil overflow, and then a little twist of bearing, oil again, repeat the above work, with a little butter until around the bearing are overflow, then make the bearing rotation, observe the oil amount, such as moving bearing resistance, that bearings have been filled with butter. Then clear separation bearing all spilled a small amount of butter, to remove the pin and reassemble the good clutch cover, etc. ( 2) The disintegration of the engine oil method to separate the disintegration of the engine show bearing and bearing assembly, with a pointed mouth grease gun to the separation of bearing inner ring at the bottom of the small oil hole, bearing butter overflow rotating bearing, until there is butter bearing a overflow. After the above two methods of treatment, the release bearing can no longer go in half year. The filling method in hengshui train station after the trial, mechanical pipe increased significantly, has achieved obvious economic benefits. Can save cost of raw materials; Improve the cart, per a month can add cart 30 t. This method also has been popularized in other railway station, are ideal results were obtained.
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