Explosion-proof motor bearing factor and higher temperature solution - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
For explosion-proof motor bearing, high temperature is the main bearing damaged, one of the important factors of course bearing abnormal noise, vibration, unreasonable design of explosion-proof motor bearing damage, the standard network according to understand, today is mainly to share about the factors of explosion-proof motor bearing temperature is too high and the solution related information. Explosion-proof motor bearing explosion-proof motor bearing temperature factors & emsp;   1, motor bearings due to lack of oil running for a long time, the friction loss increased, the bearing overheating.     2, when the motor running, the oil too much or too thick, can also cause bearing overheating.     3, when the oil change, due to the lubricating oil mixed with hard grain impurity or bearing cleaning not clean with hard grain impurity, make bearing wear and overheating, and may even damage the insulation.     4, due to improper assembly, fixed end cover screw tightness is differ, killing two bearing hole center is not in a straight line or bearing on the inside and outside the circle is not parallel to the bearing rotation is not flexible, adds load after make the growing friction and heat.     5, belt too tight or motor and passive mechanical shaft center is not in a straight line, weeks and will make bearing load increases and fever.     6, bearing improper selection or poor quality, such as bearing internal and external ring rust, individual steel ball is not round, etc.     Explosion-proof motor bearing high solution 1. If bearing in motor overheating, should check bearing ball bearing bush of ball bearing is damaged shipment, if there is damage to modify the replacement. 2, when change the grease, if mixed with hard particles impurities or bearing cleaning not clean, can make bearing wear and overheating, even may damage the bearings. Bearing and bearing end cover should be clean, replace, grease and oil indoor full of grease to 2/3.     3, bearing indoor short of oil. Long-term lack of oil running of motor bearing, friction loss increased, the bearing overheating. Regular maintenance and maintenance, should add grease with two-thirds of oil chamber or add lubricant to standard oil level line, avoid running motor bearing short of oil.     4, grease brand is wrong. To replace the right type of grease as soon as possible. General lithium base grease should choose 3 or 3 compound calcium base grease.     5, in the rolling bearing grease jam too much, should remove excessive grease in the rolling bearing.     6, have impurities, too dirty, too thick grease or oil ring stuck. Grease should be changed, identify the cause of sticking to repair, when oil viscosity is too large, should change the grease.     7, bearing and shaft, bearing and end cover with too loose or too tight, too tight will make bearing deformation, too loose prone to 'run'. Bearings and shaft too loose when the journal can be coated metallic paint or to set set of end cover, tight should be reprocessed.     8, belt too tight, too loose, and poor coupling assembly, or electrical and mechanical shaft center is being dragged on the same straight line, increase the bearing load and fever. Should adjust the belt elasticity; Correct the coupling.     9, due to improper assembly, fixed end cover screw tightness, cause a line between the two axis center is unbalanced or bearing outer ring and the bearing rotation is not flexible, adds load after growing friction and heat, should be reassembled.     10, two motor end cover, or bearing cover not assembled, it is usually not parallel, bearing is not in the correct position. The two end cover or stop bearing cover mouth flat, tighten the bolt.
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