Everybody is good! Introduce you, this is my way of motor bearing housing repair! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
As a well-known motor in the industrial equipment, no matter what the size of the motor and division involve two parts, namely the motor rotor and the bearing chamber. The motor end cover is a major part of the support for the rotor, generally using iron processing, easy processing and high cost performance due to the casting is widely used on the motor. And with the use of frequent, inevitably brings a series of wear and tear problems. The causes of main: 1. Processing error, cause fit clearance; 2. Removing installation specification, bearing housing damage and wear; 3. Cooperate with contact surface is not enough, cause metal fatigue; 4. Bearing damage, resulting in bearing chamber after wear ever caused wear, manufacturers can choose to replace, but some smaller enterprises to adopt to wear pads copper sheet and grinding point to quick fix is resumed production. Other machining unit also USES set set of measures, using this method is only for some of the motor end cover is used without spare parts. My method is not the same as everyone, introduce a new way of repairing - - - - - - - Sauvy carbon nano polymer repair motor bearing chamber of new technology. Carbon nano polymer repair technology, it is completely can't rely on the thinking of the metal to treat, is a new kind of application technology, in essence is different from traditional process technology; Second, in the operation of the motor, mainly affected by all kinds of pressure and impact, repair the wear of carbon nano polymer material is comprehensive mechanical properties, namely metal has elastic deformation and toughness, stiffness, such as material 1200 kg per square centimeter can withstand voltage, can completely meet the demand of various axial pressure and intensity. Additional carbon nano polymer because is paste, so after repair can achieve 100%, the surface of the completely avoids the production of clearance. Three sauvy carbon nano polymer materials can be achieved after curing car, milling, planing, grinding, such as machining, through different restoration measures can restore the bearing chamber wear size. Above these, can be in good condition is simple repair of motor bearing chamber, won't cause any legacy. Oh, well, kaka, special use.
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