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Engineering plastic bearing cage what are the advantages compared with the metal cage? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Bearing industry insiders should have bearing cage biggest role is to ensure that the bearing roller rolling smoothly to prevent fall, roller guide roller rotation, so the bearing cage is relatively high to the requirement of material. Remember the previous rich lists together small make up in bearing cage material to us in the material of bearing, actually in numerous material, or in the most widely used engineering plastic bearing, compared with other metal cage has many incomparable advantages, learn together! In the process of the development of the modern rolling bearing technology, to improve the bearing capacity, bearing optimization design, reduce the bearing vibration noise and improve the bearing reliability, prolong the service life of bearing, reduce the production cost, engineering plastic cage, has shown that the unique superiority. Luoyang rich together seiko mechanical technicians think engineering plastic cage has obvious technical and economic benefits, compared with a metal cage, main advantages as follows: 1, keep good toughness, impact resistance, good fracture resistance than metal plastic cage cage has a better ability to resist damage. Metal cage were severely hit, can produce permanent deformation or fracture; While the plastic kept from external temporarily after deformation, reliable its elastic restorable. As a result, the plastic cage are less likely to damage. 2, acid and corrosion resistant engineering plastics acid, corrosion resistance is superior to the performance of metal, suitable for application in chemical machinery. 3, product design, flexible plastic cage can direct injection molding complex shape of the structure, is advantageous for the optimization design of bearing. Plastic cage in the hole is addressed with oil tank, facilitate storage, thus greatly improve the bearing lubrication conditions. 4, small engineering plastic cage centrifugal force density is low, the quality little. In the high-speed rotating bearing, maintains a centrifugal force is small, small starting torque, flexible bearing rotation. 5, the cost is low, the economical good thermoplastic keep just one vice mold, direct injection molding can produce qualified products, than stamping steel cage and machined brass cage can reduce 7 - 12 working procedure. Compared with stamping steel cage, can save 5 vice mold, can improve the material utilization ratio is about 50%. Self-aligning roller bearing plastic cage compared with stamping steel cage, the cost can reduce more than 50%; Plastic cage compared with brass keep slimming, cost can reduce more than 65%, it is very obvious economic benefits. 6, friction and wear resistance, bearing low temperature bearing during operation, the rolling element and cage pocket will produce friction between holes. Due to the friction factor between steel and nylon is 0. 05, far small steel - Steel is between 0. 20 and steel Copper between 0. 15, therefore, the plastic cage bearings starting torque than metal cage bearing starting torque is small, to reduce frictional heat. Especially under the condition of boundary lubrication, the bearing the inferior or break oil, plastic cage bearings have good self-lubricating properties, bearing is not easy to suddenly stuck. 7, self-lubricating performance, can simplify the lubrication system of the host porous polyimide cage, machine oil phenolic laminated cloth cage, sufficient utilization of microporous plastic itself to store a certain quantity of lubricating oil, keep bearing oil source set up to the storage and supply, ensure that the operating requirements of self-lubricating bearings, long life, thus greatly simplifying the host oil supply system. 8, cage easy assembly disassembly plastic cage has good elasticity, can withstand the acceleration of rolling body ACTS on the cage impact load. Cage pocket hole or hole design have locks, and using the elastic and plastic can lock the rolling body, also easy to remove the plastic cage. Especially deep groove ball bearing bracket will be using a plastic crown, can replace the original two pieces by rivet riveting stamping steel ribbon cage, simplifies the cage structure, easier to bearing assembly automation. 9, can solve the metal cage is not easy to solve linear ball bearing retainer and the key technologies of the past has always been with stamping steel plate structure, its machining precision demand is high, not easy to ensure the quality, scrap rate is higher. After plastic cage, with a pair of mold, injection molding, guarantees the product accuracy, reduces the bearing noise, improve the service life of the bearing rotation flexibility and bearing, and solved using metal cage is not easy to solve the key technology. 10, cage slow vibration, low noise plastic cage bearings and rolling contact, smooth operation, flexible, no metal cage noise produced when in contact with the roller, can significantly reduce the noise of 3 ~ 7 db.
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