Elevator bearings wearing online fast repair of power enterprises to shorten downtime - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
On August 25, 2018, conch cement inspection personnel during normal inspection found wheel bearing ring, head to bearing damage. Bearing damage cause head round sink and bearing gland and unplanned downtime after wear, found in overhauling bearing inner ring damaged cause wear and tear to the shaft. The double drive bucket in library roof platform, 45 meters high bucket weight of more than 30 tons, adopting off-line repair or replacement drive wheels are finished in a short time. To quickly solve the problem of elevator shaft wear and tear, enterprise equipment by conch, head of the branch head of technical communication between learned sauvy online maintenance technology, and quickly and sauvy to cooperate. Sauvy engineer for this problem, quickly carried out technical discussion, remove the reducer in the enterprise in time, sauvy engineer overnight work overtime according to wear trunnion sizes customized processing sauvy tooling, and arrive at noon on the 26th enterprise site equipment. Sauvy axial wear online fast repair technology analysis: sauvy carbon nano polymer technology is a kind of application technology, is the use of the comprehensive performance of materials and targeted repair process repair worn parts, parts to restore the original size tolerance and meet the equipment operation condition, equipment in order to achieve the purpose of application for a long time. According to the actuality of bucket trunnion sizes and wear determine sauvy tooling process, site operation steps are as follows: 1. According to machining the sauvy tooling trunnion sizes; Hoist bearing wear 2. Clean face, lifting the drive shaft, revealing repair parts; 3. Clean the oil removal, for repair parts bearing for oil removal with oxygen, acetylene, until the oil carbonization; 4. Clear the rear axle shoulder high polished with grinding wheel piece; 5. Using bearing a front-end full size parts as a benchmark, grinding clearance on the shaft of metal high; 6. Test fixtures, up and down until the plane closed completely; 7. After test and tooling qualification, tooling clean clean and brush SD7000 release agent; 8 coated sauvy SD7101H materials. Mixed right amount sauvy SD7101H carbon nano polymer materials and uniform along the axial surface coating closely; 9. Fast installation tools, fastening bolt to the top and bottom surface crack; Install tooling 10. Materials are removed in curing tooling, cleaning the excess material. 11. After measuring repair trunnion sizes; 12. Hot charging bearing as required.
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