Electric fan bearing isn't how repair? Electric fan maintenance skills? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Electric fan usage is very large, many people always think the air conditioning is a waste of this life, in the summer can choose to use electric fan, so for two fans in use process, if the bearing does not turn, should immediately carry out repairs, will affect the use, isn't how to repair the electric fan bearing, to know the other fan maintenance skill to master. Electric fan bearing isn't how repair? 1, most people are likely to encounter this kind of phenomenon, the electric fan does not turn, do you use hand to pull move or have to wait a long time will slowly turn up, use after a period of time again found to also won't pull to move by hand. Possible reasons for this phenomenon is inside the fan start capacitance becomes not to rotate the motor. Electric fan does not turn first think of is not motor lubrication, when the wind leaf in the motor, not to be removed after will find a shaft can normal operation, the fan motor is not broken. Disconnect the power of the fan later, you gently touch the blades turn a little stiff, found that this shows that the electric fan oil didn't, and if the fan turned up very easily, said fan Ming good lubrication. 2, and how long you have to consider using the electric fan, electric fans, electric loss of opportunity, the motor shaft sleeve wear after the burn easily. Motor used for a long time also will make the internal resistance of larger, load ability lower after turns the blades. And the motor rotor axial clearance is too large and will cause unable to drag loads. Electric fan maintenance skills? 1, desktop, floor type fan must be used with protective earth three core plug and socket; Ceiling fans should be installed in the ceiling higher position, can not install grounding line. Fan blades are important components, bearing heater whether installation, disassembly, scrub or use, must strengthen the protection, to prevent deformation. Should read the instructions before use, fully grasping the structure, performance and installation of electric fan, use and bearing heater maintenance method and the matters needing attention. 2, such as lubricating oil is not should be added, the fan motor is unable to maintain normal operation, there will be a speed reducing didn't even turn phenomenon, burning motor. Fan where oil bearing USES mostly needed fuel electric fan. This bearing is usually of powder metallurgy products. Tightly packed inside the bearing oil hole, lubrication. When fan is working, the motor temperature rise, friction between shaft and bearing heating, can make the lubricating oil consumption gradually. 3, replacement after removing the cover first, remove the balance button and then discharge gear box lid, with a small bamboo class light tool to gently scrape off the old grease inside, and then washed with clean gasoline, add new grease into the right amount. Can delay electric fan during the period of using, often from every 1 ~ 2 months oil filling. Sewing machine oil or spindle oil can be used. Fan reducer, use the lubricating oil ( Industrial vaseline or calcium base grease) , generally replaced every 3 ~ 4 years. 4, order of ceiling fan speed control knob should slow rotation, should not be back between gear position, otherwise easy to make ceiling fan fever, burning machine. Operation of various function switches, buttons, knobs, action can not be too hard, too fast, can't press two buttons at the same time. Electric fan bearing isn't how repair? Through the above text introduction, everybody should already know, in the back, must take the right way, before it can be more comfortable for better security, in addition to fan maintenance skills is very important, only mastering these tips, help people to make to the effect of before it can be more at ease.
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