Effective adjustment TIMKEN outer spherical bearing the operation method of noise - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
TIMKEN bearing belongs to the precision parts, when use requires a fairly cautious attitude, so is the use of the high performance bearing, if use undeserved, also cannot achieve the expected performance effect, and easy to make the outer spherical bearing damage. Most of the bearing smoke bad for many reasons - — Than previously estimated load, the effective sealing, tight fit too small, as a result of bearing clearance, etc. Any of these factors factors there is its special damage forms and will leave a special signs of deterioration. Therefore, a review of the damaged bearing, in most cases can find its possible causes, generally speaking, a third of the TIMKEN bearing damage resulting from the fatigue damage, a third of the other resulting from poor lubrication, a third of the other resulting from pollutants into outer spherical bearing improper handling or installation. So, we speak of is how to protect it, prolong the service life of it, who is not willing to let the bearing wear resistant, durable, unless you have a nerve problem ( Ha ha) , the use of the bearing should be paid attention to the following: bearing in operation if use undeserved, will produce a series of problems, so we should pay attention to these problems, in order to find problems and solve problems in time, to ensure the normal use of the bearing. Usually outside the spherical bearing in the operation should pay attention to the following three items. First, check the status of the operation of the machine, monitoring, lest cause the equipment downtime. Second, if the TIMKEN bearing lubrication is insufficient or excessive lubrication, the lubricant contains magazine, heavy load, outside the spherical bearing damage, clearance, and the oil seal of high temperature and friction and so on. High temperature often said bearing is in abnormal situation. High temperature also harmful to within the bearing lubricant. Sometimes bearing overheating can be attributed to bearing lubricant. If the bearing in more than 125 degrees Celsius temperature operation for a long time, will reduce the bearing life. Third, the best when open the bearing box, check the TIMKEN bearing and periodically check the oil seal. Check of the condition of the near the bearing oil seal, in order to ensure that they are enough to prevent hot corrosion along the axis of the liquid or gas into liquid or outside the spherical bearing, bearing if get good lubrication, and cut off the right moisture and debris, said oil seal should not wear. , if oil seal was worn, it should be replaced as soon as possible.
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