Crusher bearing temperature is too high in the cause and the solution - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Bearing is an important part of a variety of crusher, high bearing temperature is often encountered in the mine machinery and equipment hazards of high fault. Today let's discuss the causes of the crusher bearing temperature is too high and the solution. A common cause of bearing temperature is too high: 1. Good poor lubrication of the bearing lubrication of the bearing rust, sealing, cooling, and plays an important role, such as ease, fatigue life of bearing, wear has a great influence, temperature, vibration, friction, etc. Due to bad lubrication factor can chose from lubricant, lubrication device and lubrication management three aspects to summarize, the choice of lubricant is 80% the root of the lubrication failure, the following only make analysis on the selection of lubricant. ( 1) Lubricant performance is poor or select varieties of lubricating oil and the viscosity is not appropriate, lubricant chooses not to make the friction surface between no good dynamic pressure oil film formation, direct contact friction between metal, lead to the friction loss is big, high energy consumption, high fever, a vicious cycle lead to equipment failure and even scrapped. ( 2) Lubricating oil quantity is too little or too much: lubricating oil quantity is too much or too little can lead to bearing temperature rise, will cause some parts are not exposed to oil lubricating oil is too small, not form the oil film to dry friction, bearing temperature rise, then part wear damage. When the oil too much, the running parts resistance increase, increases power consumption, and lubricating oil to heat up, by stirring constantly bad heat dissipation, lead to bearing temperature. ( 3) Lubricating oil contamination: after lubricating oil contamination, impurity particles will cause the lubrication system congestion, increase the friction, result in higher temperature, water mixed with oil, can reduce oil viscosity and boundary friction and even dry friction. 2. Bearing wear due to the crusher work environment is relatively poor, a lot of dust, part will cause the subdivided into bearing the lubrication oil in the bearing, which can lead to bad lubrication, friction increases, the corresponding increase wear, bearing in wear condition carries on, friction, temperature would be higher. 3. Inadequate cooling insufficient cooling of the main factors are: choose inappropriate cooler or pipe blockage. The above two factors will lead to insufficient cooling and lubricating oil can't cool, cause the bearing temperature rise. 4. Vibration: may be due to the coupling is not accord with standard of process, rotor imbalance activity, poor foundation rigidity and the anchor, rotating stall and surge. 5. Early bearing improper installation, improper installation will cause bearing damage, lead to bearing cost is greatly increased, and the bearing improper installation will cause bearing torque during rotation on, cause a fever. 6. Replacement parts inspection in a timely manner: bearing in severe fatigue, cracks, such as oxidation corrosion circumstance to adjust, if do not change in time, will cause the bearing heating, vibration, different sound and so on, affect the production. Solution: according to the above situation, we can know that there are many factors influencing the bearing temperature too high, regular maintenance, maintenance of equipment, to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. When add lubricant, should according to the provisions of the manual regularly quantitative, and should choose suitable varieties and when choosing lubricating oil viscosity. For bearing wear to do regular check, timely replacement of the bearing. Caused by inadequate for cooling the bearing temperature rise should be timely check the cooling line or timely replacement cooler.
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