Correct maintenance car universal joint cross shaft needle bearing, bearing of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Drive shaft universal joint cross shaft needle bearing should use gear oil lubrication. But generally found in vehicle maintenance and repair, the shaft of the universal joint cross shaft needle bearing USES calcium base grease ( Commonly known as butter) To lubricate, actually the lubrication method is wrong, led to a large number of cross shaft needle bearing early damage. Can see clearly in the disassembly cross shaft journal presents the squeezed middle pressure groove, journal and needle in seriously short of oil. Why will appear this kind of phenomenon? Because of universal joint cross shaft needle bearing lubricating oil mouth is a common grease nipple, so to cause people an illusion, for a long time common filling butter to lubrication. In fact, from the nozzle with grease gun is difficult to mix the butter filling on the needle roller bearing. It is well known that the viscosity of the butter, when using grease gun from the nozzle to the universal joint cross shaft needle roller bearing inner cavity loaded with butter, butter into the oil duct stenosis lumen resistance increase, butter across the open pressure nozzle pressure reducing valve and overflow. This phenomenon will be mistaken for driver and repair workers have filled up the butter. Instead of butter didn't even enter the needle between, to the cross shaft journal is face is also very difficult. When remove the maintenance, the force method is used to apply butter on a needle roller and shaft neck surface also can have some lubrication effect, but for the spider needle bearing lubrication effect, calcium base grease is much less than the gear oil well, the reason is: a. Universal joint in the work to sustain large torque and alternating load, and calcium base grease oil film tenacity is poorer, the bearing and shaft friction surface is difficult to form a good oil film. b。 Universal joint cross shaft turn needle roller bearing in the work can only be in situ, not along the steel bowl and cross axis neck rotation, and calcium base grease roll is very poor, so when the oil film can't immediately form new oil film was damaged. c。 Calcium base grease is a mixture of calcium soap and lubricating oil, due to the deterioration of lubricating oil in use and evaporation, the grease into a hard calcium soap and calcium soap itself not only cannot have the lubrication effect, but also hindered the needle on the journal of rolling, with universal joint cross shaft and there is no discharge of oil measures, changed neither discharge grease, new oil and it is difficult to injection, thus greatly accelerate the universal joint cross shaft needle roller bearing wear. In order to change this kind of use butter instead of gear oil for lubrication of universal joint cross shaft needle bearing mistake, recommend the following maintenance methods, to improve the service life of the universal joint cross shaft needle roller bearing. 一个。 Remove the universal joint cross shaft needle bearing after thorough cleaning, remove all remaining grease ( Available water or in gasoline cleaning) After soaking in the gear oil 2 min ~ l0min, can use. Driving in use should be paid attention to: auto wading after new oil should be replaced in a timely manner. Travel 2000 km to 3500 km should be replaced a new oil. This method of test, can make the universal joint cross shaft needle roller bearing longevity 2 ~ 3 times.
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