Connecting rod bearing ring, common disease! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
1 fault phenomenon of engine idle speed running noise is loud or when small, sharp acceleration are heavier and short 'dangdang' apparent continuous tapping. This is the main characteristic of connecting rod bearing ring, serious when idle noise can hear clearly. Connecting rod bearing than main bearing rings clear, ease, and short. 2 or journal wear failure analysis (1) connecting rod bearing, make or cooperate with bad fit clearance is too large. (2) the oil pressure is too low, or oil, or connecting rod shaft oil road congestion, bad lubrication. (3) connecting rod bearing cap is loose or broken. (4) connecting rod bearing size discrepancy, cause rotation or fracture. (5) antifriction alloy connecting rod bearing fall off or destroyed. 3 fault diagnosis (1) change the engine speed, idle when the noise is small, evident when medium speed, a steady increase the chiming of the throttle has a continuous, sharp acceleration when tapping increase, when high speed is not obvious because of other noise around. (2) the load increase, noise. (3) the engine temperature, noise usually remains unchanged, but sometimes also affected by lubricating oil temperature. (4) single cylinder is broken fire, noise significantly diminished or disappeared, but after fire can immediately appear again when the noise on the cylinder. But when connecting rod bearing loose kuang nothing, simplex fire ring has no obvious change. (5) the ignition, hair ring 2 times, namely each work cycle ring twice. 6. Connecting rod bearing noise in larger on the side of the oil sump. If use the stethoscope to touch on the body, the noise is not very clear, but in oil mouth or crankcase ventilation tube mouth directly check listen to, can be clearly heard tapping connecting rod bearing. All landowners phenomenon. Connecting rod bearing ring with significantly lower oil pressure phenomenon, serious field when the body fluttering, this is different from the piston pin, piston type cylinder. Usable hand with a screwdriver or stethoscope against the lower cylinder body or the oil pan, try when touch the corresponding fault cylinder there is obvious vibration sense.
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