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Cold rolling lubrication oil and gas is the developing direction of roll bearing lubrication of cold rolling mill bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Because the oil and gas lubrication has good lubrication effect, low fuel consumption, accurate quantitative to oil, easy to realize automatic control, wider range of suitable lubricating oil viscosity, lubrication part always stay positive pressure, pollution-free advantages, the technology in Europe first popularized and applied in all over the world to. Especially in the field of bad working condition, at present, more than 80% of the high speed wire mill rolling guide bearing and the launch of a new alloy steel production line of rolling mill bearing is the lubrication oil and gas are used. Strip cold rolling mill roll bearing the oil-gas lubrication technology is in recent years. First appeared on the bearing lubrication of work roll and intermediate roll, the way of backup roll bearing lubrication oil and gas are still rare. Look from the use of oil and gas lubrication system work is normal, the lubrication effect is good; Test run because of work roll bearing oil discharge hole location problems caused by loss of work roll bearing, but in not again after the modification of the design of the bearing lubrication bad phenomenon; Work site clean, removed between grinding roller bearings, bearings are very clean.
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