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Coiler reducer bearing chamber knowledge of site specific repair steps - bearing wear problem

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
An enterprise three reel deceleration machine sound and vibration problems in the process of operation, the enterprise overhaul room found reducer bearing wear, lead to excessive vibration and sound box, to resume production as soon as possible, companies invited sauvy industrial technical engineers to the scene to assist the fast repair equipment problems to resume production. On January 14, 2019 sauvy engineer immediately rushed to the enterprise, and according to the abrasion of reducer bearing chamber specific launched a quick fix, repair by sauvy benchmark scraping the inquiry process, the whole process in just three hours. Coiler reducer bearing chamber wear problem solution sauvy carbon nano polymer repair technology is the use of carbon nanotubes unique mechanical properties of polymer materials and the wear-resisting performance of repair process online repair bearing wear problem. The repair process is simple, won't produce high temperature in the process of repair not high thermal stress on the equipment and service life, in the enterprise normal use and maintenance of equipment on the basis of sauvy carbon nanometer polymer technology to repair the location of the life can be more than the original parts of life. Sauvy industrial building equipment maintenance traceability system, AR augmented reality technology, and new polymer materials, carbon nanotubes made 'service +' new pattern of the trinity, effectively solve the data connection to the underlying equipment maintenance, maintenance fast response slow and reliability problems, direct and accurate to the pain points of the manufacturing equipment operational management and demand, promote realize intelligent manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing operations twin-engine advanced manufacturing industry development. Coiler reducer bearing chamber wear problem site specific repair steps ( 1) Baked oil surface treatment; ( 2) Surface polishing treatment; ( 3) Using anhydrous ethanol to clean surface; ( 4) Allocate sauvy SD7101H carbon nano polymer materials; ( 5) Using sauvy templet to blow grind processing; ( 6) Using iodine tungsten lamp to heat curing material and improve material performance; ( 7) After curing polished surface; ( 8) Daub tuomoji SD7000 on bearing; ( 9) Lifting bearing, back to the box body; ( 10) Repair is complete. Sauvy industrial field repair coiler reducer bearing chamber wear of actual cases
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