CNC great god tell you what is the machine tool spindle growth artifact! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Machine tool spindle speeder is a 'gadget', but it contains machinery manufacturing profound strength, involves two key machinery manufacturing standard parts: gear and bearing; As you can imagine when gear and bearing running around 4 m and more than 160000 beating and control accuracy in 0. Mm even 0 01. 001 mm, its manufacturing precision and fever and dynamic balance control is key to how! Spindle speeder is also called the growth of the handle, heavy milling head spindle speeder also called growth, including common gear speeder, pneumatic spindle speeder and motorized spindle speeder. The spindle speeder through standard handle is the most common interface ( Such as BT/HSK/DIN/ISO etc. ) Installed on the machining center spindle output taper hole, also have through VDI/BMT interface installed on the numerical control turning center power tool turret milling head or heavy growth through flange or automatic tensioning mechanism is installed on the boring and milling machine. Machining center to install the spindle speeder when using the original machine tool spindle nose screw, machine tool structure does not need to make any changes. Spindle speeder has the following common types: 1, the gear spindle speeder: generally top speed of 42000 RPM, beating precision generally 0. 1毫米; 2, ultra high speed pneumatic speeder: top speed of 160000 RPM, beating precision generally 0. 001mm; Products are mainly in Europe and Japan and South Korea product, generally, Japan and power is very small, only a few tens of watts, European products can reach more than a kilowatt power; 3, electric spindle speeder. Spindle speed increaser suitable machine type: the spindle speeder can be installed in the processing center, CNC turning center, boring and milling machine, such as machine tools, pneumatic speeder ( Pneumatic spindle) And electric speeder can be mounted to the machine. The spindle speeder make common for high speed milling machining center, carved processing and drilling hole possible. Installed on the machining center spindle speeder can be like a special function of cutting tool automatic tool change. The main industry and necessity of using the spindle speeder: 1. Spindle speeder is mainly used to increase the machine speed, high speed cutting in order to achieve a good finish, precision and improve the efficiency of processing, often used in precision mold, microelectronics, medical devices, precision instruments, aviation, energy and other fields; 2. Why do you need to use the speeder: when using micro machining cutter and bit, must use high speed to improve the quality of surface processing, at the same time greatly improve the machining efficiency, if the machine itself turn velocity less than requirements should be used when the spindle speed growth; 3. Also general heavy boring and milling machine speed low, usually equipped with heavy spindle speeder ( Growth in the milling head) 。 Gear spindle growth apparatus has the following characteristics: 1. Growth is realized by using planetary mechanism, have very high request for gear and bearing; Are generally adopts high precision gear grinding, every gear needs through the most advanced gear measuring machine precision measurement, to ensure smooth, low noise, high torque, long life, high temperature operation; Bearing is made of super precision bearings and ceramic bearings, precision above P4, preloaded assembly, at the same time USES long-life grease lubrication and maintenance-free, reduce maintenance costs; Common gear spindle speeder up to 42000 RPM, and run for a long time, don't need special special designed cooling; 2. Gear spindle speeder shell using alloy steel, high rigidity and precision design and manufacture, at the same time must have a high degree of coaxial and dynamic balance; Gear accelerator powered by spindle drive and, when installing machine does not need to make any changes and do not need any other additional facilities such as electricity, liquid, gas, etc. , it is very convenient to use; 3. Input: gear speeder the handle with a standard interface ( BTISO HSK DIN猫) Connected to the machining center spindle or VDI/BMT connected with knife tower, can also be customized according to the requirements of such as CAPTO KM; Heavy duty series can use the handle with flange connection; 4. Output: gear speeder standard output for ER collet chuck, heavy series for the standard handle ( BTISO HSK DIN CAT, etc. ) ; 5. Gear speeder can realize automatic tool change ( ATC) And the main shaft center water ( General 70 bar) Within or outside can turn cold ( MAX10bar ) ; 6. Gear speeder with gear transmission, some of the heat and noise is inevitable; But European products don't like Japan and South Korea product need special downtime cooling time; 7. Gear speeder generally beat accuracy is 0. 01 mm, thus suitable for more than 1 mm processing cutting tool; If the carbide cutting tools below 1 mm diameter is generally not suitable USES gear speeder, mainly considering the influence of jitter on the knives' service life and so should adopt pneumatic speeder, pneumatic speeder beat accuracy is usually 1 microns.
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