Cleaning method of needle roller bearing can be rough washing and fine washing

by:Waxing     2020-05-24
Industrial production mechanization was done, the use of mechanical equipment is more and more widely, its breed is also more and more. On this basis, the bearing products has been greatly developed, and the needle roller bearing upon one of the more common. Although needle bearing with the same other artifacts, use for a long time will become dirty, but the cleaning method is different. 1, the intention of cleaning and maintenance of the needle roller bearing mainly have two aspects, on the one hand, in order to make the needle roller bearing in the working condition of ambition, extending its using life. On the other hand is to give full play to the function of the needle roller bearing, the mechanical equipment can work normally. 2, needle roller bearings with the brush cleaning method of coarse wash directly needle bearing things such as appearance of grease or adhesive material, but should pay attention to not damage the appearance of needle bearing. 3, needle roller bearings cleaning method of pure wash clean, ready to demand neutral water-free of diesel oil or kerosene as a cleaning agent, of course, can also according to the demand to use warm lye, etc. Then put oil gradually rolling needle bearing, carefully to clean carefully. Other, cleaning is completed in the bearing surface coated with anti-rust oil or antirust grease, meanwhile good antirust effect. In a nutshell, needle roller bearing cleaning is very exquisite, time must be strict in accordance with the rules of operation, to ensure its function under the premise of make it recover to clean appearance.
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